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Donation, Sponsorship and Advertising Requests

Please fill out the information below. Because of the volume of requests we receive daily, we require at least 30 days to make a decision. We do our best to respond to each request; however, we may not be able to respond or assist with every request.

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NOTE: We do our best to respond to each request within 30 days. If your request is needed sooner than 30 days, we may not be able to assist or respond. However, we do encourage you to note this special consideration in the field below so we may attempt to expedite your request.
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Rumpke appreciates the efforts your organization is making to ensure a positive difference in our communities. Your request is important to us. Please know that all donation requests are considered by a Contributions Team. If Rumpke is able to offer assistance, we will contact you directly. Otherwise, we request that you remain patient as we do our best to lend equal consideration to all requests.