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Where Your Recycling Goes: Dayton, Ohio

The Rumpke Recycling facility in Dayton, Ohio, processes about a 500,000 pounds of recycling every day. The recyclables come from 35 Miami Valley communities, including the City of Dayton, as well as businesses, schools and drop-off boxes throughout the region.

Read how Rumpke earned the DRG3 Green Business Certification in 2013.

Rumpke has operated a recycling plant in Dayton for more than 20 years. In 2014, Rumpke invested $2.5 million dollars to upgrade the plant with new equipment that makes recycling more efficient, and produces better quality material.

Watch this video to see how Rumpke separates these recyclables.


Rumpke Recyling plants throughout the region process more than 700 million pounds of recycling every year. This effort is critical to preserving landfill space, natural resources and even energy.

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Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications Team. 

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