About Rumpke Recycling

Tradition of Recycling Innovation

Rumpke is committed to helping you recycle more, and trash less by providing the collection systems and recycling infrastructure to make it all possible. Annually, Rumpke recycles more than 700 million pounds of recyclables.

Rumpke owns and operates some of the most advanced recycling systems in the United States and is committed to being a recycling leader in the Midwest. As Ohio’s largest recycler, our recycling innovations include a newly remodeled facility in Columbus, Ohio, a unique glass processing plant in Dayton, Ohio, and a major recycling facility in Cincinnati, capable of sorting more than 100,000 pounds of recycling per hour.

Rumpke continually works with businesses, industries, residents, communities and municipalities to start and sustain successful recycling programs. Whether you're looking to start recycling or revamp your existing efforts, Rumpke will help you achieve recycling success.