Bond Road Landfill Updates

Rumpke purchased 466 acres of land adjacent to the current Bond Road Landfill in Whitewater Township, Ohio. With this purchase, Rumpke will continue to develop the site and make improvements to the site including:


  • New Entrance: Relocating the landfill entrance to Sand Run Road, which will improve traffic safety, ensure direct access to I-275 and create an attractive façade along Sand Run Road.
  • New Infrastructure: Rumpke is adding a new commercial drive, truck scales, scale house, wheel wash and storage area.
  • New Space: Permitting this area as a landfill will allow us to complete work to improve surface and wastewater management as well as gas collection on the existing permitted landfill space.


The Current Status of the Bond Road Landfill

  • Bond Road Landfill is an active non-hazardous, municipal solid waste landfill.
  • Rumpke currently takes a small amount of non-hazardous, municipal solid waste to the site annually.
  • The site is currently permitted to receive 100 tons per day under its solid waste permit and 4,000 tons per day under its air permit.
  • The site already has more than 7.1 million cubic yards of permitted disposal space.
  • The main reason we aren’t fully utilizing the site today is because the current entrance on Bond Road isn’t ideal for truck traffic.


Current Site Activities

  • Rumpke will continue to use the Colerain Township Landfill as the main disposal site for the tri-state region.
  • Rumpke completed an engineering study on the new Bond Road property to determine how to improve safety for the motoring public and design a new landfill entrance from Sand Run Road. Currently the average two-way traffic count for Sand Run Road is 2,926 vehicles per day. Rumpke will add 30-40 vehicles with the entrance. 
  • In 2022, we plan to file a permit to add a small amount of acreage as permitted landfill south of the existing operational landfill. Permitting this space as landfill will allow us to complete work to improve surface and wastewater management as well as gas collection on the existing permitted landfill space.


Next Steps

  • Complete the engineering studies and build the Sand Run Road entrance.
  • After the entrance is complete, we will shift a small amount of landfill tons to the currently permitted part of the Bond Road Landfill.
  • We will begin completing numerous historical, geological, environmental, and engineering studies to determine specific boundaries relating to the small expansion we would like to make at the site.
  • After research and plans are complete, we will begin the lengthy and public permitting process for that additional property.
  • The Colerain Landfill will continue to serve as the primary disposal site for the tri-state for years to come.


Township Benefits

  • Improve traffic safety along Bond Road.
  • Create more Township jobs as Rumpke expects to add 6-10 positions within the next several years.
  • Secure a contingent, small volume, convenient disposal option for the region (300-400 tons per day) to preserve capacity and allow Rumpke Sanitary to provide vital disposal capacity for the tri-state well into the future.
  • Increase funding for Township programs.


Our Commitment is to the Families We Serve

Family is a huge part of the Rumpke business. As Rumpke team members we share a priority and promise to operate with honesty and integrity, transparent communications, and consideration for others.


That means that as we begin to plan the future of our business, we will keep our eyes and ears open. We will listen to concerns and work alongside all involved to try and reach decisions that benefit the people immediately involved as well as the good of the entire community that relies on Rumpke’s service and innovation.


At the end of the day, millions of residents and businesses depend on Rumpke to provide waste solutions to protect public health , the environment, and generations to come. That’s why we are here and that’s why facilities like the Bond Road Landfill exist. 

Drone Footage of the Site
Captured Spring 2022

April 6, 2022 Applicant's Meeting
Regarding AMWDR Request.