Portable Restrooms Rental

All outdoor events need a restroom facility plan, and Rumpke is here to help you organize the details based on your needs. Portable bathrooms come in many sizes to accommodate all kinds of job sites and special events, and you can count on us to help navigate all the rental options. 

What are the different types of portable restrooms?

  • Standard portable toilet units.
  • Wheelchair-accessible units: These restrooms provide ground-level floors, self-closing doors, handrails, and a more spacious interior for mobility-impaired users.
  • Deluxe and VIP restroom units: These are luxury portable restrooms with stereo systems, air conditioning, lights, sinks, and flushing toilets for special occasions like weddings and high-school reunions.
  • High-rise and rolling high-rise units: These restrooms are equipped to for hoisting by crane at high-rise construction job sites that would otherwise be hard to reach.

All units will arrive promptly in clean and welcoming condition and pricing will include disposal services

What other amenities are available to rent? 

  • Hand-wash stations: These units come with two- and four-person sinks, fresh water, soap dispensers and paper towels at every hand-washing station.
  • Hand sanitizer stations: These units feature four separate hand sanitizer dispensers per station.
  • Holding tanks: These tanks are easy to place under porta johns and used with other holding tank units.
  • Water tanks: These are perfect for when there’s no running water nearby (not for drinking or cooking). 

Who can rent portable restrooms?

Portable restrooms are available for a full range of scenarios. Customers hosting an elegant event, such as a wedding or corporate event, will value a luxury restroom trailer. Other special public events, like festivals and concerts must consider accessibility for patrons. Secondary wash stations might also be valuable at large events. 

Crews working disaster relief not only benefit from a portable restroom trailer, but they also need portable sanitation and fresh water.

Commercial and residential construction sites often need portable toilet rentals to accommodate crews. Contractors and foreman, as well as individual homeowners, can rent portable restrooms to service the job site for the duration of almost any project. Portable restrooms are also available for worksites that need to accommodate crews working on high rise construction.

How many restrooms are available to rent?

Customers can rent individual portable restrooms or opt for multi-station trailers. Larger units are available as two-, four-, or eight-station restroom trailers.

Our large and diverse inventory guarantees our ability to meet your requests, with a product that caters to your specific needs.

How often are portable restrooms cleaned?

Units are built to withstand the elements and crowds of all sizes, but cleaning schedules are always based on the circumstances of the rental. 

Standard units include a 60-gallon capacity, and the cleaning frequency is typically once per week, for up to 10 people over a normal work week. If you’re working on a construction site waste management plan, you might expect to have the portable restrooms cleaned up to three times a week based on the size of the crew. 

For larger events, the team at Rumpke may recommend a daily cleaning schedule to meet the needs of the venue and accommodate the expected attendance. Daily cleaning for larger events will ensure sanitary conditions inside your restroom for all users and includes replenishing of supplies.

Let Rumpke take care of your portable restroom needs

Count on Rumpke next time you’re in need of a temporary restroom for an event or job site. Our porta potty rental company offers a range of options from portable toilets suitable for high-rises at construction sites, to luxury restroom trailers.

Rental rates can vary based on which type of trailer and related stations you request, as well as whether you’re renting a restroom trailer for a daily, weekly, or monthly rental. 

Rumpke also offers a full range of services including residential and commercial trash pickup, commercial dumpster rentals, and more.

For the best information on pricing, fill out our service request form and we’ll be in touch to help you get a quote based on your rental needs.