Welcome to Rumpke’s new online payment system called RumpkePay, which launched March 1, 2018. RumpkePay is powered by Kubra, a leader in secure online account management. If you have any questions about RumpkePay, we’re here to help. Click here to contact us or call 1-800-828-8171. Read below to get started. 

If you have questions about invoice(s) that RumpekPay emailed on March 20, 2018
Kubra Email Error-Website Notification

If you were a Vuebill user
Your information automatically transferred from Vuebill to RumpkePay. You will need to validate your RumpkePay account by clicking the link below. You will use the following sign-in details:

  • User Name: the email address associated with your Rumpke account formerly on Vuebill.
  • Password: Your 10-digit Rumpke account number (Rumpke emailed this information to you in February)

The initial deadline of March 15, 2018, to validate your account using this information has been temporarily extended. 

Click here to validate your RumpkePay account.

If you’re new to online payment with Rumpke
To enroll in RumpkePay, you will need your 10-digit Rumpke account number as it appears on your Rumpke invoice and your billing zip code. Click here to enroll in RumpkePay.

If you already have a RumpkePay account
Click here to sign-in to RumpkePay.

If you previously paid your bill through your online banking website
You will no longer be able to view your Rumpke bill there; the e-bill icon (powered by Fiserv) will be turned off. You may continue to pay Rumpke through your online banking portal, but you will need to enroll in RumpkePay to receive an e-bill.

If you previously paid your bill through MyCheckFree or used a CheckFree kiosk
Rumpke is no longer on their list of payees. Payments scheduled before February 28, 2018 have
occurred. Customers who scheduled payments through MyCheckFree to occur after February 28, 2018, will need to confirm transactions at www.MyCheckFree.com