Industrial Waste Management

As the nation’s third-largest privately owned waste company, we have the expertise, environmentally sound facilities and the equipment to properly dispose of industrial and special waste, including contaminated soil, sludge, foundry sand, non-toxic fly ash and non-friable asbestos. Our team will perform a waste assessment as well as waste characterization to determine the best disposal options for your facility.

In addition to disposal service, Rumpke can handle transporting your industrial material to our sites. Rumpke can transport both bulk waste material and drum shipments. Handling these materials properly is crucial because of their potential to cause environmental and public health issues. This is why hiring a qualified, experienced industrial waste management company to provide such services is of the utmost importance. With our decades of experience serving customers in this capacity, you can trust us to get the job done right.

Why Having a Plan Matters

Industrial waste disposal should be one of your company’s top priorities for a number of reasons. For example, fumes and gases that result from industrial waste may be extremely hazardous to workers, causing illnesses and respiratory issues. Waste also may be subject to ecological regulations, putting you at risk of noncompliance if you do not dispose of it properly. Additionally, any surrounding properties will appreciate your being a good neighbor by utilizing an effective plan for handling and disposing of such materials.

Why Choose Rumpke?

For nearly a century, we have been committed to cleaner, greener communities. We’re one of the nation’s largest waste management and recycling companies, which means we have an abundance of industrial solid waste management expertise. When you choose to work with us, you can count on receiving the most responsive and responsible service possible. To learn more about what we can do for you or to request services, reach out to us today.

For current customers:

Regulated asbestos material waste shipment record

Waste characterization data sheet