Fuel Surcharge

Gas prices are finally coming down, and as consumers we are enjoying the benefits. Rumpke’s pricing structure ensures that you will see the benefit of lower fuel prices on your Rumpke invoice as well. 

Here’s what you should know about Rumpke’s fuel surcharge:

  • When prices drop and money is saved, the fuel surcharge drops as well and those savings are passed on to you. If you’re interested, we can provide your billing history, which will allow you to review and confirm your cost savings. 

  • Rumpke’s fuel surcharge is well below the fees of other major competitors in the industry.

  • Rumpke works to eliminate extra fees. We do not charge environmental fees and/or tack on other miscellaneous administrative charges. 

Our primary objective is providing our customers with consistent and excellent service at a fair price. While many competing firms have permanently increased the cost of service substantially throughout the past decade, Rumpke has minimized its pricing adjustments. We have deliberately connected fuel-related expenses to actual fuel costs, guaranteeing a cost savings for our customers if Rumpke’s fuel-related expenses decrease. 

Calculation of the Fuel Surcharge

The fuel surcharge is related directly to the national diesel fuel prices as reported by the Energy Information Administration of the U.S. Department of Energy (EIA/DOE) in its Retail On-Highway Diesel Prices Index for the Midwest Region. This index is available to the public and is widely recognized in trucking and transportation industries. Learn more about the index.

Rumpke updates the fuel surcharge monthly, and bases the surcharge amount on the corresponding diesel fuel price per gallon the last week of each month according to EIA/DOE prices. Our new pricing adjustment (last updated May 2014) adjusts .064 percent for every penny the price of diesel fuel increases each month. For example, if the diesel fuel price per gallon was $2.75 the last week of the preceding month, then the fuel component of the charge would be 11.07 percent of your total invoice amount, excluding taxes.

Rumpke Fuel Surcharge Table

Historical Rumpke Fuel Surcharge Chart

US Department of Energy