Vandalia-Butler Schools Expect to Save Funds Through Recycling

VANDALIA, Ohio--September 5, 2012--Vandalia-Butler is celebrated for its purple and gold, but this year, the school district is also going green.

The schools kicked off the year with a district-wide recycling program, a move that is expected to save $10,000 over a four-year period.

“This is the right thing to do for the environment, but it’s also the right thing to do for our bottom line,” said Chief Construction Officer Rob O’Leary. “Recycling reduces the amount of trash we produce, the size of our trash containers, and how often we need to haul trash away, which adds up to a significant savings for us.”

The district is partnering with Rumpke Consolidated Companies to bring the program to all of its buildings. Rumpke offers single-stream recycling, meaning all recyclables go into one container.

“It couldn’t be easier for our teachers and students,” said Murlin Heights Principal Connie Strehle. “Before the year even got started, our teachers came up with creative ways to get our students involved.”

The recyclables are delivered to Rumpke Recycling in Dayton, a facility that processes more than 100 tons of material every day. The materials are sorted by type and sent to manufacturers for use in new products.

“Rumpke has been serving the Vandalia community for 12 years with curbside trash and recycling services,” said Rumpke Regional Vice President Mike Bramkamp. “We look forward to working with the students and staff at the schools to reduce waste and recycle more.”

The recycling program joins a number of other green initiatives the district has put in place to cut costs, including the geothermal heat pump system that is heating and cooling Morton Middle School; the ice chiller system that replaced traditional air conditioning units at Butler; energy efficient lighting at Morton, Butler, and Demmitt; and occupancy sensors in half the district’s buildings that automatically shut off lights when rooms are not in use.

“We are committed to investing taxpayer dollars wisely, and that includes cutting costs while doing the right thing for our students and our community,” O’Leary said.



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