Rumpke Making Site Improvements this Month

GEORGETOWN, Ohio (March 11, 2013) -- Rumpke is scheduled to make improvements to its landfill gas collection system the week of March 18. The improvements, which were approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, will help prevent odors related to the landfill gas recovery process. 

“We will be installing a higher capacity blower/flare that will allow us to destroy more landfill gas per minute,” said Jim Hext, landfill manager. 

The majority of gases produced at landfills occur through the natural process of decomposition. Rumpke’s Brown County Landfill does not currently produce enough gas to require a gas collection or a flare system; however in an effort to control odors and reduce the impact of the operations on the surrounding area Rumpke first initiated a blower/flare system in 1998 to help control odors, and then expanded the system again in 2011. This system directs the collected gas to a central point where it is flared-off, destroying 98 percent of the landfill gases directed to it. Rumpke’s current flare destroys 1,000 standard cubic feet per minute. The upgrade will increase the flare’s capacity up to 1,450 standard cubic feet per minute and in doing so will further work to eliminate resulting odors.

While Rumpke is installing the new flare, the current system must be turned off. The installation is expected to take five days. Neither the installation process, nor the upgrade poses a health risk.

“We will continue to work to control odors as well as follow all air quality standards at the landfill during the installation process and for years to come,” Hext said.  “Our goal is and remains to be invisible at the property line, and we will continue to take proactive steps such as the flare upgrade to minimize nuisances at the site.”

Should you have any questions about the flare upgrade or landfill operations, Rumpke encourages you to contact them directly at 1-877-786-7537. Rumpke offers tours of the site throughout the year.

“We are part of the community, and feel it is our responsibility to not only use the most appropriate operational options to be a good neighbor, but also present opportunities for our neighbors to see and learn more about our operations. If you have a question, we’ll do our best to answer it. Transparency is key, and our neighbors can expect accurate updates from us,” added Hext.

To schedule a visit, please contact Rumpke.

Rumpke Consolidated Companies, Inc. has been committed to keeping neighborhoods and businesses clean and green since 1932 by providing environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions.  Headquartered near Cincinnati, Rumpke is one of the nation’s largest privately owned residential and commercial waste and recycling firms, providing service to areas of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia. Rumpke divisions include Rumpke Recycling, The William-Thomas Group and Rumpke Hydraulics.  For more information, visit


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