Residents Recycle More Than 2.7 Million Pounds in 2015

WELLSTON, Ohio—Feb. 18, 2016— Residents in Gallia, Jackson, Meigs and Vinton counties recycled more than 2.7 million pounds in 2015, beating their 2014 record by approximately 200,000 pounds.

The recycling program is provided through a partnership between Rumpke and the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs-Vinton Solid Waste Management District (GJMV). It began in January 2014 with 28 sites and 49 containers. Today the program includes 27 sites and 50 containers located throughout the four counties.

The program accepts plastic bottles and jugs, cartons, metal cans, glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard. Residents should place these recyclables unbagged in the Rumpke recycling container. Items that are not on the list should not be placed in the container, including plastic bags, hangers, chains, hazardous materials, VHS tapes, pressurized tanks or trash.

“Residents obviously care a lot about recycling and they’re doing a lot of good,” said Nick Rupert, Rumpke municipal representative. “To do even better, it’s important to recycle only the acceptable items, meaning no plastic bags, no hazardous materials and definitely no trash.”

Unacceptable items can be a safety risk for employees, damage equipment and even increase the costs of the program. They can also ruin otherwise good recyclables that other residents place in the container.

Advanced equipment and technology are used to sort the items by type at one of Rumpke’s recycling facilities. The recycled material is used to create a variety of new products.

Rumpke is a family-owned business with a regional operation in Wellston, Ohio. The company partners with solid waste districts, communities and businesses throughout Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia to offer recycling services. Rumpke has nearly 2,600 employees. In 2015, Rumpke recycled more than 900 million pounds of materials. For more information, visit

Contact the GJMV office for recycling locations and program details or visit


Taylor Greely

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