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Wanted: Green Guardians

This spring, Rumpke is issuing a very important reminder: We all generate trash and we can all do something about it. 

The average American produces almost five pounds of trash each day, so our company is letting the public know that Rumpke has a better option than just tossing it: Recycling.

Don_Cutout_Cropped lowresAlthough there are significant costs associated with collecting, hauling and processing recyclable material, Rumpke works to make the customer portion of those costs as low as possible. In most areas, you can have your recycling picked up weekly for a month for about the same cost as one of your favorite cups of coffee. In many communities, residents don’t see these costs, as trash and recycling collection are paid through taxes. Many local governments and solid waste districts also provide recycling drop boxes for residents to use at no additional cost.  And businesses can often off-set recycling collection costs, because they are able to reduce their waste collection needs.

Rumpke takes pride in being your local Green Guardians. The job we perform daily coincides with the Green Guardian mission to preserve and protect the planet, but it’s an enormous job. For example, Greater Cincinnati alone produces 2 million tons of trash annually!

Waste reduction and recycling is a partnership. It involves personal choices to buy products made from recyclables, a decision to recycle, a company like Rumpke to process the materials and manufacturers who will use recyclable items to produce new products. Preserving and protecting our planet takes a team effort.

Become a Green Guardian and help share the message too. Reduce your waste and increase your recycling and encourage others to do the same. Find Rumpke on Facebook and become a fan. Follow RumpkeNews on Twitter. Rumpke will use these mediums to communicate environmental tips, as well as recycling technology updates that will further these efforts.

Landfills are necessary for those items that can’t be recycled, but even today more than half of what residents and businesses toss into their trash cans and send to our landfills is recyclable. Join us. Do your part to keep landfills small and recycling efforts big.

About the author: Amanda Pratt is the Director of Communications at Rumpke Waste & Recycling

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