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Recycling Blows Up at BOOM!

Boom2011 012Every July, hundreds of thousands of people gather in downtown Columbus for Red, White & BOOM!, the annual Fourth of July fireworks celebration. As the streets overflowed with red, white and blue, they were also lined by a fourth color: Green

BOOM, as locals call it, began recycling four years ago, but the 2011 event was by far the most successful. At this year’s celebration, Rumpke collected a mind-blowing 47,737 pounds of recyclables; that is a 63 percent increase from last year and is just shy of the amount recovered the past three years combined. Event organizers arranged cardboard recycling for vendors and placed plenty of carts in high-traffic areas for paper product, aluminum can, glass and plastic bottle collection.

In addition to providing service and sponsorship, Rumpke gave away hundreds of dollars in prizes and gift cards throughout the day. Recycling mascot, Binny, also made an appearance and quickly acquired a following by playing with children, posing for photos, and starting an on-stage dance party.  

By the end of the event, Rumpke had diverted more than 23 tons of material from the landfill and set a new recycling record at what’s been called the “state model for festival recycling.”  Bringing organizations together in a team effort to impact children, guests and the community as a whole is exciting. Seeing such fantastic results at large events like BOOM is what Rumpke strives for each and every day. Growing recycling at large-scale events such as BOOM serves as a refreshing reminder of the difference Rumpke and a great team can make by bringing a complete solid waste solution to not only homes and businesses, but also large events. 

Soon, Rumpke will realize this potential in an even larger way. The Columbus material recovery facility (MRF) is expected to open mid-August after undergoing major renovations and two years of construction. This state-of-the-art facility will draw recycling from around the state and serve as a constant reminder of Rumpke’s commitment to recycling. 

With successes like BOOM, construction of one of the country’s most innovative recycling centers and a continually growing recycling customer base, Rumpke Recycling in Columbus is quickly becoming the poster child for recycling in Ohio. It’s incredible to witness, fulfilling to be a part of and an enormous step in the right direction. All things considered, you just can’t deny: Columbus looks good in Green.

 About the author: Taylor Greely is a sales & marketing intern at Rumpke.

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