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Have You Visited the Landfill Lately?

Every week, Rumpke hosts visitors at our landfill and recycling facilities. Our guests range in age from preschoolers to senior adults and represent a variety of interests. Our visitors often include scouts fulfilling environmental badge requirements and business leaders looking for ways to make their products greener. Sometimes our visitors are just curious individuals who want to know what Rumpke does or what happens to their trash or recyclables.

If you're curious, email us at Please note that group size or age restrictions may apply. We also have videos about our landfills or recycling facilities if you prefer to stay home in your pajamas.

A visit to the landfill or recycling facility can be an eye-opening experience. But don't take it from us. Here are some of our recent letters.  

Untitled-1 copythank you drawings 10_11 1thank you drawings 10_11 2thank you drawings 10_11 3Rumpke is committed to educating the public about the importance of landfills in protecting our health and the environment. We also have a shared interest in conserving landfill space and natural resources. Rumpke has been keeping up a long tradition of recycling by investing in the foremost technology available.

If you've been on a tour, visit our Facebook page and tell us about it!

Written by Rumpke's Communications Team.

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