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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle with Pinterest

For those of you on Pinterest, you are familiar with the veritable treasure trove of ideas it contains.  Need a fresh idea for redecorating your home?  Want to keep up with the latest fashion trends?  How about pinning a picture of your dream vacation spot? All of those ideas and more are located on Pinterest’s many boards.

Many of the pins on Pinterest are DIY (do it yourself) ideas for home improvement and decorating—and more importantly, many of these DIY projects incorporate reuse and recycling.  Here are some great reuse ideas, give them a try. You’ll be meeting your needs while reducing the amount of waste going to the landfill.

Try using an old light bulb as a hanging vase. 

Spruce up your garden by creating a planter with an old piece of furniture

Transform an old sweater into a practical tote bag for shopping. 

…among many, many other ideas.  

One of my favorite ideas is a creative way to reuse toilet paper rolls. Store empty rolls in a drawer and fill each roll with a cord or charger.  It makes locating chargers easier and keeps the cords from getting tangled.


So get your creative juices flowing and check out Pinterest for some DIY recycling ideas. Also be sure to connect with Rumpke on Pinerest at

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