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Growing in the Garbage

Maureen Ray, Rumpke Summer Corporate Communications InternWith the beginning of autumn quickly approaching, it’s hard to believe that my time at Rumpke is coming to an end. The three months of my internship have passed way too quickly. As an intern in the Corporate Communications department, I have had some amazing opportunities to learn more about the waste and recycling industry, grow professionally and expand my communication skills.

It is difficult to generalize my experience at Rumpke. No two days at Rumpke have been the same; each day has presented new projects and responsibilities. I have given tours of the landfill, written press releases about Rumpke news, created videos of Rumpke’s facilities, and developed “green” activities to encourage recycling—and this is just the beginning. My internship wasn’t just limited to the Cincinnati offices, either; over the summer I traveled to Rumpke’s locations in Columbus, Dayton and Georgetown, Ohio. It has definitely been a hands-on experience, allowing me to fully realize the scope of Rumpke’s operations. I now have a better understanding of waste and recycling processes, as well as Rumpke’s influence in the tri-state area.

In addition to my time spent at landfills and recycling centers, I spent a lot of my time working with Rumpke Ballpark. Prior to interning at Rumpke, I had never heard of Rumpke Ballpark and knew little to nothing about softball. As it turns out, one of my largest projects this summer was the Cincinnati Metro Championship Tournament, the largest amateur softball tournament in the area. I was given the responsibility of developing a media plan for the tournament—an initially daunting task. With guidance from members of the Corporate Communications team, wrote news releases, interviewed local softball players and managed Rumpke Ballpark’s online presence. Attending the tournament was a lot of fun and definitely a learning experience.

I am very thankful for Rumpke’s Corporate Communications team. Under their guidance, I have learned what an important role communications plays in any industry and how to correctly manage relationships with the media. The team has been crucial in maintaining Rumpke’s reputation in an unpredictable industry with their quick responses and respectful dealings with local media. I’m grateful to have been a part of this team, even if only for a brief period of time.

Rumpke is a very special place to work. As large as it is, there is still a very strong family-feeling. The employees are invested in each other and passionate about what they do. From the very beginning, I could not have felt more welcome at Rumpke. I consider my lucky to have had the opportunity to spend a summer at Rumpke; it has been an experience I will never forget.

About the Author: Maureen Ray is a corporate communications intern at Rumpke

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