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Glass Recycling Plant Marks One Year

A fabric building keeps recyclables dry at Rumpke Recycling
A fabric building keeps recyclables dry at Rumpke Recycling

Rumpke Recycling’s glass processing facility recently shipped a record 900 tons of recycled glass in one week. The glass is shipped to manufacturers that will use the material for fiberglass insulation or new glass bottles.

Construction is underway on a fabric building to house about 2,600 tons of glass before it is processed in the plant. The building will keep the material (which is about 80 percent glass) dry so the plant runs efficiently and Rumpke can meet production goals. The building itself is reused; Rumpke used the building during renovation of our Columbus, Ohio recycling plant in 2010.

Rumpke’s glass recycling plant in Dayton, Ohio cleans and separates broken and mixed glass collected in residential and commercial recycling programs. One year ago, Rumpke  made a significant investment to increase glass recycling in the region using the best technology available. Watch a video of Rumpke’s glass recycling process.

Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications Team.

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