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Rebuild of Cincinnati Recycling Plant Begins

The design plan for Rumpke Recycling in Cincinnati.

Rumpke is about to break ground on an 84,000 square foot recycling center in St. Bernard, Ohio, which will replace the facility destroyed by a fire in April 2012.

The project, which is expected to cost about $30 million, will create one of the largest and technologically advanced residential recycling systems in the U.S. The plant will be capable of sorting more than 50 tons of material per hour, nearly double the throughput of the previous plant.

“Rumpke is committed to recycling,” said Jeff Rumpke, vice president. “We are making our largest investment to date with this recycling center, ensuring the region has access to the best available recycling technology.”

The processing system will be designed by Machinex, the same company that designed Rumpke Recycling’s facility in Columbus in 2011. The system will include optical sorting technology to identify and separate recyclable materials by type.

“Our new plant’s capabilities, coupled with new manufacturing outlets will allow our customers to recycle new items when the plant opens next year,” Rumpke said.

The Ohio Air Quality Development Authority has approved the issuance and sale of up to $32 million in federally tax-exempt facility bonds to finance the project.The facility is scheduled to be complete in November 2013 and will also include new offices for Cincinnati and Corporate recycling staff as well as hauling operations.

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