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Rumpke Recycling Rebuild Underway

Cincinnati Recycling InfographicIn April 2012, a fire destroyed Rumpke’s recycling facility in St. Bernard. Less than nine months later, Rumpke has started rebuilding – bigger and better.

It’s an estimated $32 million project that will enhance recycling for 4.5 million residents in Greater Cincinnati and beyond. It will be capable of sorting 55 tons of material per hour. In essence, in the time it takes you to read this blog post, the new site will have processed 5,500 lbs. of recycling.

Expected to open in the fall 2013, the new recycling facility will be one of the largest and most technologically advanced systems in the United States. It will utilize proven, cost-effective and environmentally friendly recycling equipment to sort and process recyclables from a wide range of customers. This will include extensive options for commercial recycling, especially glass recycling for bars and restaurants.

Recycling at home will also be enhanced, thanks to a partnership with the Carton Council. With the new facility, Rumpke will now accept cartons or aseptic containers for recycling. This includes cartons for milk, broth and wine, along with juice boxes.

Last year’s fire was devastating for Rumpke. However, as flames tore through the building, we were already planning the recovery effort. It began the very next day, as collection service continued uninterrupted, and we have never wavered since. Recyclables collected have been diverted to other nearby recycling facilities, as plans came together for the new building.

The processing facility is a key component to any recycling program. It’s the bridge between consumers and manufacturers. While we rely on customers to recycle the right materials, the new recycling facility in St. Bernard will help Rumpke achieve its goal of producing high-quality raw materials to be re-manufactured into new products.

About the author: Jonathan Kissell is the corporate communications supervisor for Rumpke.

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