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Recycling Leaders Say: "Don't Trash that Glass!"

OEPA_May 2013Rumpke is working to recycle more glass bottles and jars from homes, restaurants, bars and other venues throughout our service region.

Recycled glass is used by manufacturers of fiberglass insulation and glass containers, and they need tons more. Not only do we need to meet this demand, we need to keep glass out of landfills.

Rumpke, Ohio EPA officials and representatives of nine solid waste districts met at Rumpke Recycling in Dayton, Ohio, last week to work on solutions to “close this loop.” Attendees discussed challenges, best practices and ideas to collect more glass bottles and jars. The group also toured Rumpke's glass recycling plant to see how glass is cleaned and separated to provide cullet for manufacturers.

Contact Rumpke for a recycling plant tour or to inquire about recycling service at your home or business.

Ohio EPA recently provided a $250,000 grant through the Hamilton County Solid Waste District to help fund a glass recovery system at Rumpke’s new Cincinnati recycling facility, which is expected to open in November 2013. Glass recovered from this system, and others throughout the Midwest, will be further processed at Rumpke’s Dayton plant to meet manufacturers’ specifications.

Rumpke accepts glass bottles and jars in all residential and commercial recycling programs. Rumpke is also paying cash for glass at our public buy-back center in Dayton, Ohio.  

Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications Team.

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