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Spending a Summer at Rumpke

This summer, I am very excited to join Rumpke’s Corporate Communications team to work and learn as an intern. In my first week alone, I have had the chance to learn and see more than I could have even expected. Darby Fledderjohn Intern 2013

As a Cincinnati native, I have been familiar with the Rumpke name for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I was less familiar with the company and production behind that name. During my first week, I have learned so much about the extent of waste and recycling services the company provides to its customers in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and even parts of West Virginia.

Before beginning my internship, I didn’t know that the company originated as a hog-farming business not far from the current headquarters in Colerain. In the 1950s, after years of collecting food scraps to feed his hogs and other products to recycle, William Rumpke decided to sell the animals and focus solely on waste collecting. From there, the family-owned company continued to grow. Today, that family atmosphere is still very clear thanks to the company’s open door policy. In fact, on my very first day I had the opportunity to walk into CEO Bill Rumpke Sr.’s office and introduce myself. Something you wouldn’t expect an intern to be able to do.

One of the ongoing tasks during my internship is to provide tours to groups who come to the landfill, which meant this week I had the chance to experience a number of tours and learn more myself. While touring the Colerain Township landfill, I learned that Rumpke has a gas plant on site. The plant takes the gases produced during garbage decomposition, which is mostly methane and carbon dioxide, and turns them into natural gas. This plant is actually the largest landfill gas-to-direct-pipeline energy production facility in the entire world and provides enough energy to heat around 25,000 local homes.

In such a short time I have already begun to see the impact Rumpke’s operations have on Cincinnati, the Midwest and the environment as a whole. I can’t wait to see what other learning opportunities I experience this summer, and am grateful to be part of the continually growing Rumpke family.

About the author: Darby Fledderjohn is the corporate communications intern.

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