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Rumpke Beyond the Curb: How About a Green Latrine?

Rumpke is dedicated to keeping communities clean and green by utilizing efficient practices and recycling materials whether at the curb or beyond. Rumpke Portable Restrooms matches the company commitment by implementing healthy and environmentally conscious procedures whenever possible. Here are a few ways our portable restrooms are “green”:

Keeping it local:PortableToilet_alone_newLogo

All of the new toilets and restroom trailers owned by Rumpke are manufactured in Indiana, keeping transportation from manufacturer to service area at a minimum.

Green transportation:

Rumpke uses aluminum tanker trucks that run on ultra-low sulfur diesel for all transportation of these toilets and trailers. Using these trucks increases fuel mileage and reduces the company’s carbon footprint compared to other transportation options.

Made from recycled content:

When it comes to the facilities themselves, a portion of Rumpke’s portable toilets are manufactured using recycled plastic. Once restrooms reach the end of their life, some are recycled; however, a lot are sold for reuse. Our toilets aren’t the only thing made from recycled content. We also stock our restrooms with toilet paper made from recycled paper products.

Environmentally friendly cleaning process:

Non-aerosol cleaners and non-staining blue chemicals are used as well as 100 percent biodegradable graffiti remover.

Environmentally friendly disposal:

Unlike alternative methods for waste disposal such as land application, all waste from Rumpke portable restrooms is disposed of at a local waste water treatment plant so that it may be returned to the local water supply.

About the author: Darby Fledderjohn is the corporate communications intern

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