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Rumpke Earns Green Business Certification in Dayton, Ohio

close upRumpke is proud to be among a group of Green Certified businesses in Dayton, Ohio. Rumpke’s recycling plant, maintenance garage and administrative offices in Dayton achieved a wide range of criteria to earn the certification, which is offered through Montgomery County’s Dayton Regional Green 3 program.

“We are committed to environmental sustainability in all aspects of our business,” said Regional Vice President Mike Bramkamp. “Every office employee, driver and mechanic has the ability to make a positive impact.”

The certification includes:

Green Business Awareness Our employees will be learning what it means to be part of a “green business” through learning opportunities. Dayton employees have signed pledges to support Rumpke’s new sustainability statement.

Solid Waste Reduction and Recycling Beyond recycling, we will be making major efforts to reduce our waste. These team efforts will include elimination of disposal products in kitchen and break areas, and reduction of paper use.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Behind-the-scenes, we have committed to purchasing products made with post-consumer waste (recycled) materials including office paper, paper towels and toilet paper.

drg3 logoEnergy Conservation We recently completed an extensive audit of energy use throughout our local buildings and we will implement several reduction measures. Some of these actions will include minor changes that will collectively make a big impact.

Water Conservation We’ve also looked closely at our use of water and identified ways we can reduce consumption. Some of these methods include regular inspections for leaks and dry cleaning methods.

Pollution Prevention From spills, leaks and litter, we will be watching carefully to ensure we are not polluting the environment and looking for opportunities to reduce our air emissions.

"It's important for us to lead by example," said Route Analyst Jim Clark. "I think it's great all the employees have been given an opportunity to contribute to this mission."

Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications Team. 

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