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Our Recycling Adventure

130806_0014Our adventure in recycling began last spring when my son Wyatt and I took a tour of the Rumpke landfill near Cincinnati, Ohio. My eight year old son, Wyatt, was captivated and charged up to recycle.  

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We live in a condo complex and do not have pick up service for recycling. I explained to him that with gas prices so high, it would not be reasonable to drive our recyclables somewhere He was disappointed (and so was I.)  We saved our recyclables anyway, and I told him we would figure out a way to make it work. 

One day we saw recycling dumpsters in a park that we frequently pass. Problem solved! Now, when our bags are full, we put them in the car and stop by the park. Since we would be passing the park anyway, no wasted gas!

Wyatt loves to throw the items in the dumpster and look inside to see how full it's getting. I am NEVER allowed to drop things off without him. He gets so excited when we have enough to make a stop!  He says when he grows up he wants to be a "recycling expert" and work at Rumpke! (Along with being an astronaut and a race car driver.) 

Lora & Wyatt Allen reside in Fairfield, Ohio and hope others will be inspired by their experience. Contact Rumpke to share your recycling story.  

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