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Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore (actually we’re in Vegas)

“Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”

That’s what I thought as I entered an enormous double decker showroom full of recycling equipment, trucks, dozers, robots, green technologies and showcases as far as the eye could see.Blog_06-14-16_WasteExpo

No this certainly wasn’t Kansas, or Ohio or anywhere else in the Midwest. This was Las Vegas. But the main event wasn’t what you’d expect.

The main event was Waste Expo 2016, a week-long international conference for the environmental industry. From June 6-9, thousands of industry professionals and companies gathered to network, learn and showcase their products and services. While there’s plenty to see in the showroom alone, Waste Expo also features educational sessions taught by industry leaders.

Experiencing the industry on a national scale was enlightening, and it gave me a new appreciation for how Rumpke is moving it forward.

How much impact can a four-state, family-owned company really have? As it turns out, a lot. Rumpke leads the industry in safety protocols and training, recycling innovation, management and communication.

Rumpke is setting the standard for safety in the industry by actively discovering, developing and sharing best practices to promote safer streets and fleets for employees and residents across the nation. Rumpke’s safety team lead a number of the educational seminars – including sessions on distracted driving, fire safety and new safety technologies. Our safety department is not only unique in terms of its industry leadership, but also in terms of its presence, passion and commitment to the company. If you’re looking for proof, read more about Driver of the Year Rickie Patterson.

Other Rumpke employees who attended will return with a wealth of knowledge and new experiences to share with their teams. Waste Expo is just one of the many ways Rumpke employees can expand their industry knowledge and expertise. In a commitment to education and continual improvement, an ongoing effort is made by the company to inform, train and develop employees at all levels. Rumpke invests in its people, which allows the company to continue to provide the high standard of service our customers expect and deserve.

About the Author: Taylor Greely is the communications coordinator for Rumpke Waste & Recycling.

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