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Noble Road Landfill Welcomes Neighbors for Open House

On Oct. 15, Rumpke welcomed nearly 200 neighbors and community members for its annual Noble Road Landfill open house and neighborhood picnic. Guests enjoyed a hog-roast lunch and fun activities.Guests gather for the Noble Road Landfill open house

The highlight for many was the landfill tour, where they learned about the history of the site, daily operations and future plans. Several commented about the cleanliness of the site, the lack of litter and the overall amount of work that goes into running a landfill. This shows the dedication of our Noble Road Landfill crew, who tirelessly work day-in and day-out to capture wind-blown plastic bags, clear area roadways of dirt and mud and prepare for each day’s trash. 

Aside from the tour, kids made “edible landfills,” climbed on garbage trucks and joined Rumpke’s new fan club. Rumpke’s engineers and recycling experts were also on hand to answer questions.

Rumpke hosts events like this to connect with our neighbors. This allows us to have an open line of communication and the ability to provide timely updates.

The Noble Road Landfill – which opened in 1997 and Rumpke purchased in 2009 – is located about 15 miles north of Mansfield, Ohio, in northern Richland County. It receives approximately 2,500 to 3,000 tons of waste per day and has about seven years of capacity remaining.

Throughout Richland County, Rumpke employs nearly 120 people, including truck drivers, mechanics, equipment operators, laborers, office personnel, sales representatives and managers/supervisors.

About the author: Jonathan Kissell is the communications manager for Rumpke.

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