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A Vehicle Maintenance Journey

Mechanics – or vehicle maintenance technicians – are very important for a company like Rumpke that provides essential services for millions of residents, businesses and industries. Rumpke mechanics maintain a fleet of nearly 1,800 trucks and service vehicles, providing the proper care needed to keep them in top shape.

Trash truck maintenance is challenging work and requires vast knowledge and skill. Exactly how would someone gain job knowledge and learn new skills with a company like Rumpke?

George’s Advancement Path

George Stout started with Rumpke as a rear load truck driver in Wellston, Ohio, in May 2011. Within three years, he transferred to Rumpke’s maintenance garage to become a tire technician, where he was responsible for maintaining tires on Rumpke collection trucks.

In February 2016, George enrolled in the Rumpke’s Maintenance Advancement Program (MAP) in an effort to further advance himself personally and professionally at Rumpke.

MAP is designed to encourage and promote vehicle maintenance employees to expand their job knowledge and increase their mechanical skill level. Employees, like George, work to achieve the objectives of the program through a series of required tasks and duties assigned to them.

As part of the program, George visited other Rumpke locations, specifically Norwood and Columbus, Ohio, to observe current vehicle maintenance technicians performing essential maintenance tasks.

From the get go, George was highly motivated to succeed and worked hard to achieve the program goals. George enhanced his knowledge as a mechanic, all the while completing his regularly assigned duties.

Introducing a Graduate

In the fall of 2017, George successfully completed all the goals for the program, becoming the first MAP graduate. He has begun the next chapter of his career as a fleet vehicle preventative maintenance technician. Congratulations, George!

Pictured left to right: Rumpke Vehicle Maintenance Manager Josh Ray, MAP Graduate George Stout and Region Vehicle Maintenance Manger Rob Adams.

About the author: Robb Clark is a Communications Assistant for Rumpke Waste & Recycling

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