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Celebrating National Waste & Recycling Week

The week of June 17-23, 2018, is recognized as National Waste & Recycling Week, when we celebrate and thank all the men and women of our industry.

To our driver who powers through torrential downpours or scorching heat for hours and remembers to honk the horn for the toddlers at the end of the route.

To our mechanic who trouble-shoots a maintenance issue overnight, knowing that the truck will pick up a hospital’s trash in the morning.

To our recycling sorter who methodically sifts through thousands of pounds of stuff, with aspirations of offering our discards a second chance at life.

To our customer service representative who greets every call with a smile and treats it as the most important one of the day.

To our sales specialist who lets an entrepreneur focus on their startup while customizing a recycling program to meet the blossoming company’s core value of sustainability. 

To our support teams in hauling, recycling, landfills, safety, engineering, HR, finance and IT, who tirelessly work behind the scenes to keep our business running.

To our Rumpke family of 3,000 team members and all those in our industry, we thank you for your dedication to performing some of society’s most essential services.

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