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Day of Discovery at Rumpke's Landfill

When I think about Rumpke, a few words come to my mind: community and family. Growing up in Cincinnati, Rumpke was everywhere – in my neighborhood, at my school, displayed on signs at the local softball field – the company’s presence was felt throughout the area. I recently joined Rumpke as an employee and have quickly learned the importance of caring for the people and communities we serve.

On Saturday, Oct. 20, Rumpke welcomed the public to our landfill in Colerain Township, Ohio. The free event featured several types of Rumpke trucks and heavy equipment, landfill tours, pizza and ice cream, a bounce house, games for kids and information from Rumpke experts and partners. Cincinnati Reds mascots also delivered smiles and laughs.  

“Like winning the lottery for my son!”
Presented as a Day of Discovery, the event hit the mark – a time for people to find out more about Rumpke’s operations, equipment and future plans. Throughout the day, I witnessed families enjoying time together. I heard people asking questions about the landfill. I saw kids giving high fives to mascots. I even overheard one Dad say, “This is like winning the lottery for my son!” 

The Rumpke family brought the community together for a time of fun and education – a tradition I know will continue for many years to come. 

About the Author: Hillary Ladig is a corporate communications coordinator for Rumpke Waste & Recycling

Rumpke Landfill Open House 2018
Rumpke Landfill Open House 2018 Reds Mascots

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