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Rumpke Machining

Machining Capabilities

At Rumpke, precision takes precedence. When it comes to machining our capabilities exemplify this commitment. From traditional techniques to cutting-edge technologies, we offer an impressive suite of machining solutions that aid businesses and individuals alike.

Band Saws

The fabrication journey often begins with the first cut, and Rumpke's band saws make this initiation seamless. These versatile tools are adept at swiftly and accurately slicing through materials, setting the stage for subsequent precision machining.

Engine Lathes

Turning raw materials into refined masterpieces requires finesse, and Rumpke's engine lathes are the artisans of this transformation. These machines rotate the workpiece while a cutting tool shapes it, allowing for intricate shaping and turning operations with accuracy.

Horizontal Boring Mill

Rumpke's horizontal boring mill opens up a realm of possibilities for manufacturers seeking intricate bores, contours, and precision drilling. This powerful equipment can sculpt complex shapes within larger workpieces, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable.

Hydraulic Press

With an impressive 80-ton capacity, Rumpke's hydraulic press is a force to be reckoned with. It can skillfully shape, mold, and form materials, playing a vital role in creating components that demand strength and precision.

Inside Diameter Hones

Smooth, polished interiors are crucial for many applications, and Rumpke's inside diameter hones ensure that every detail is refined to perfection. These tools meticulously polish the interior surfaces of cylindrical workpieces, achieving a flawless finish.

Torque Bench Capabilities

For tasks demanding immense torque, Rumpke's capabilities shine with a remarkable 33,000-foot pounds capacity. This torque bench capability ensures that even the most demanding applications can be tackled with ease and precision.

Portable Line Boring

Rumpke's commitment to customer convenience is evident through our portable line boring service. This innovation allows precision machining to be brought directly to the site, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Microfinishing Machine

The journey from raw material to refined components culminates with the micro-finishing machine. This equipment meticulously polishes and refines surfaces, ensuring that every piece that leaves Rumpke's facility meets the highest standards of quality.

CNC Lathe Mills

In the age of automation, Rumpke embraces this trend with our CNC lathe mills. These computer-controlled machines blend precision with efficiency, enabling the production of complex components with minimal human intervention.

Machining Excellence

Rumpke's machining capabilities reflect our dedication to offering complete solutions for today's manufacturing challenges. Our well-equipped workshop enables us to handle everything from simple cuts to detailed finishes, empowering us to think creatively, design boldly, and achieve with accuracy. Partnering with Rumpke opens up new horizons in machining, fostering innovation and engineering excellence.


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