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Rumpke Hydraulics & Machining

Rumpke Hydraulics & Machining repairs and distributes hydraulic and machining components. We can handle projects of any size from any location, nationwide. We specialize in hydraulic cylinder, pump, and motor repairs and sales. Our professional and experienced team can also handle a variety of hydraulic repair services.

Hydraulic Services We Provide

We’re here to support you in all of your hydraulic machinery needs. Here are the high-quality services we provide at Rumpke:

  • Hydraulic cylinder repair, pump, and motor repair (construction, industrial, and mobile components)
  • Hydraulic hose fabrication (done while you wait)
  • Sale and installation of hydraulic wet line kits
  • Fabrication of hydraulic steel lines
  • Pressure washer repair and distribution
  • Hydrostatic pump and motor repair
  • On-site hose fabrication
  • On-site troubleshooting of hydraulic systems
  • CNC machining
  • Induction hardened chrome plated material cut to length
  • DOM barrel material cut to length
  • Torque bench capabilities up to 33,000 ft. lbs.
  • Specialty cylinder fabrication
  • Portable line boring

What Are Common Problems Associated with Hydraulic Systems?

A hydraulic system usually includes a sump, motor, pump, control valves, actuators, and of course, hydraulic fluid. Hydraulic systems are commonly used for construction vehicles, large-scale agricultural equipment, waste and recycling vehicles and other heavy duty work and emergency vehicles. 

Hydraulic equipment usually has a few common problems if the hydraulic components are not properly maintained.


If there is an abnormal noise coming from your hydraulic motor, this can be a sign of an issue. Noise is usually caused by hydraulic fluid air contamination. As the air compresses or decompresses, it will make a loud banging noise in the hydraulic system.

Slow operation

A decrease in machine production is another problem that people see in hydraulic machines. This is usually a sign the machine has a leak in a hose or in the internal pump, control valves, or actuators, indicating that repair may be needed.

Degradation of hydraulic fluid

Hydraulic fluid can degrade when it reaches high temperatures of usually more than 180°F (82°C). High temperatures can not only degrade hydraulic fluid, but also damage seals within the overall hydraulic system which decreases hydraulic fluid power.

Hydraulic Parts Sales

We offer a wide variety of hydraulic products and replacement parts—both custom-made and pre-fabricated—to meet your needs. We work with several major brand manufacturers to ensure we have the part you need. Learn more about our products.

Hydraulics and Machining FAQs

How much does it cost to get a hydraulic cylinder fixed on average?

The cost of hydraulic cylinder repair varies considerably depending on the type of repairs needed and the size of the cylinder. Rumpke’s prices for any hydraulic repair are highly competitive. 

Please contact us to set up an inspection and we can provide a free, custom quote for your hydraulic cylinder.

What is the process for repairing a hydraulic pump?

The process for repairing a hydraulic pump depends on your issue. Before any work begins, an experienced technician should determine if repair is necessary, rather than a rebuild or a remanufacturing process. After you’ve established that your hydraulic pump needs repairing, an experienced technician will identify the best repair process for that particular pump. 

First, the technician will clean the surface of the pump to ensure there are no contaminants getting into the fluid or other pump parts. Second, the technician will dismount the pump and visually inspect the entire piece of hydraulic equipment. From there, the technician will determine whether to repair or replace the pump with new OEM parts, from vendors like Caterpillar or Komatsu.

Rely on Rumpke for Hydraulics and Machining Repair

Rumpke Hydraulics & Machining provides a wide range of hydraulic services for clients across the country. We’re also a national distributor of custom-made and prefabricated, high-quality products and parts. 

The waste management industry uses a lot of hydraulics. Rumpke is a hydraulics expert, we have hydraulics on just about every one of our 2,700 trucks. We understand the challenges and know how to implement the right tooling, parts and repairs to ensure optimum operation.

We’ve also established and maintained good relations with several major brand manufacturers, a further testament to our work.

How can Rumpke help with your hydraulic and machining equipment repair? Fill out our credit card application and reach out today!