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Resource Recycling Conference Recap

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I had the opportunity to represent Rumpke at the Resource Recycling Conference last week, which brought hundreds of interesting people from all over the country to Louisville, Ky. People from every spectrum of the industry, including myself and colleague Ben Pedigo, attended the trade show to share and collaborate new ideas for recycling.

There were new containers and bins to make it easier for people to recycle. There were plastic recyclers, equipment representatives for material recovery facilities, haulers, e-waste recyclers, metal recyclers, and technology-driven companies to help with setting up databases for tracking recyclable material. Rumpke was among the industry leaders represented at the Conference. Rumpke provides recycling service to many communities and businesses of all sizes.

Watch videos of Rumpke Recycling in action.

Many solid waste district directors also came to this event. I met many nice people looking for ways to improve community recycling efforts. Many good speakers from every corner of the industry, including the director of waste and recycling for New York City, spoke about trends in the industry and what to expect for the next generation.

Rumpke has a great reputation in the industry. I was proud when other conference attendees told me they like Rumpke and were glad we had a booth there. I heard from many local representatives who said our employees are doing a great job in their communities. One guest, representing Washington State, said he had lived in Jeffersontown, Ky. and loved having Rumpke service. His wife would always take their Rumpke driver Gatorade. It was great to see some of our own customers there.

Did you know Rumpke is building one of the largest single stream recycling facilities in the U.S.?

About the author: Chris Pierce is a recycling specialist at Rumpke. He helps customers in southern Indiana and the Louisville area achieve their recycling goals. Contact us today to learn about recycling options for your community or business.

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