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Meet our Environmental Experts: Ben Pedigo

Name: Ben Pedigo

Title: Corporate Recycling Sales Manager

How long have you worked at Rumpke? I have been with Rumpke for 20 years with prior experience in the recycling industry.Pedigo,Ben

What are some of your job duties? I work with the recycling sales team in multiple districts and advise them on handling materials. I also work with the corporate communications team on projects such as what can and cannot be recycled, specifically the types of plastic we accept. I’m also involved in the company’s push for more glass to be recycled at the Dayton Glass Facility. I also work on writing grant proposals to receive extra funding for special projects. Interested in what makes a plastic product recyclable? Read more here.

How has Rumpke changed since you began working here? One of the largest differences I have noticed since beginning at Rumpke is the recognition the company has received. During my time at the company, we have become recognized as an industry recycling leader in Ohio and the Midwest, something I am very proud of. Learn more about Rumpke’s title as an industry leader and how they are raising awareness for recycling with their new TV campaign

What is the best part of your job? My job allows me to work with employees from many different locations, as well as with customers. I’m grateful to have the chance to see the amount of intelligent and hardworking employees throughout all markets and just really get to see the team atmosphere that surrounds Rumpke.

How has Rumpke positioned itself as a leader in recycling or environmental stewardship? Managing both landfill and recycling facilities gives Rumpke an opportunity to truly prove itself as an industry leader. With experience on both sides, the company is able to know as much as possible about handling the materials we receive and work harder to keep materials that can be recycled out of the landfill. 

What do think Rumpke will look like in 10 or 20 years? I think Rumpke has attracted employees that are intelligent and have good work ethic. I think we’re going to see the investment the company has made in employees grow even stronger in years to come. I’m glad that the intelligence and work ethic sought after in employees is embodied by the Rumpke family. They’re looking for employees that share their same values. Those values will help the company to continue to grow as the years come.

What do you tell people who say recycling is not important? Anytime we can reuse a material or keep that material out of the landfill, we are preserving natural resources. There are energy efficiencies and the opportunity to reduce costs of materials by recycling. Not only is recycling important, but it is also important to try to reduce consumption from the very beginning as well as reuse materials whenever possible.

About the author: Darby Fledderjohn is the corporate communications intern.

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