Schools & Institutions

Schools & Institutions
Rumpke Recycling partners with local schools, universities and community organizations to find the best recycling program for their needs. Many schools and institutions generate high volumes of recyclable materials and implementing a recycling program can be a cost-effective and environmentally responsible solution. 

Whether it's one municipal building or multiple locations on a large campus, Rumpke Recycling can work with your institution to identify a customized program to meet your specific needs.

Educational Resources
Recognizing the importance of raising awareness about recycling, Rumpke developed an entire website for the purpose of education. Visit our education page for a variety of resources, including  videos and classroom activities.

The Recycle Challenge
Rumpke invites schools and community organizations throughout Greater Cincinnati to participate in the Recycle Challenge, an aluminum can recycling program. Students, faculty and families can contribute to a recycling container located on school or organization property.

Greater Cincinnati schools, please contact Anne Gray.