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5 Things I Learned From My Summer of Talking Trash

DSC_0045This summer and fall, I had the opportunity to intern in Rumpke's corporate communications department. Below are five things I learned about waste and recycling during my summer of talking trash.

1. Rumpke operates landfills, not dumps.

Unlike a dump, a landfill is engineered to protect the environment and be a good neighbor to communities surrounding it. It is constructed using a series of liners that prevent the trash from entering the environment.

2. Plastic bags can be troublesome.

Plastic grocery bags don't belong in landfills or recycling centers. In landfills, plastic bags act as miniature parachutes and can be a nuisance. At recycling centers, they can jam up the machines. There are much better ways to dispose of plastic bags.

3. Be careful what you throw away.

There are many household products that are considered hazardous waste. Some cleaning supplies contain dangerous chemicals and should not be thrown in a garbage can. It is important to be aware of what shouldn't be placed in the garbage and where these items should go.

4. Rumpke gives back to the community.

Rumpke cares about the communities surrounding its facilities and strives to positively impact them. Each year, Rumpke awards numerous scholarships to graduating high school seniors in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

5. Rumpke is dedicated to recycling.

Residential customers are offered a convenient recycling program to enhance the recycling effort and reduce the amount of material sent to the landfill. Customers are encouraged to review items that are acceptable for recycling.

I am so thankful to have worked for a company that values its customers, employees and the environment. I've learned so much during my time at Rumpke. I've gained not only role models, but friends.

About the Author: Megan Chadwick is the fall 2015 corporate communications intern at Rumpke.

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