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Landfill Strives to be a Good Neighbor

web1A well-managed landfill can be an important asset to a community. Medora Landfill Manager Ralph Collins is dedicated to operating a safe and environmentally friendly landfill that is considerate of neighbors in Jackson County, Indiana.

After talking with neighbors recently, Ralph reduced the speed limit for trash trucks to 20 miles per hour, as they enter and leave the landfill.

“We want to be a good neighbor,” said Landfill Manager Ralph Collins. “Our goal is to operate in a safe manner, while keeping noise and litter to a minimum.”

Several projects have also been underway to improve the landfill's appearance and reduce impact. For example, visibility at the Landfill's entrance from State Route 50 has been improved with a new sign, flag pole and re-graded slope.

In December, Rumpke installed a wheel wash that trucks drive through after unloading trash at the landfill. The wash uses recycled rain water to rinse mud off the tires, and it has been keeping surrounding roads cleaner.

web 2“Last year, we earned an environmental stewardship award,” Collins said. “We are working our hardest to exceed this achievement and see what we can accomplish this year."

Owned and operated by Rumpke since 1983, the Medora Landfill accepts municipal solid waste and construction demolition debris. In November, the Association of Indiana Solid Waste Management Districts (AISWMD) selected the Landfill for an Environmental Stewardship Award.

To learn more about landfill operations, check out these videos.

Written by Rumpke's Corporate Communications Team.

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