Trash Services & Recycling in Jeffersonville, Kentucky

Committed to recycling and trash disposal, Rumpke is the first place Jeffersonville residents turn to for fast and efficient trash removal services. From roll off containers for the festivals to at-home curbside recycling and trash removal, Rumpke is the top choice for waste management services in Jeffersonville.

Services Rumpke Offers in Jeffersonville:

  • Residential garbage pickup

  • Residential recycling services

  • Commercial garbage pickup

  • Commercial recycling services

  • Dumpster rentals

  • Landfill Services

  • Construction site waste management

  • Industrial waste management

  • Hydraulics and machining


Rumpke operates the Montgomery County Landfill located at 30 Larison Road, Jeffersonville, KY 40337; Phone: (800)828-8171. 

Residential Garbage Pickup

We offer residential garbage pickup for Jeffersonville residents. Offering a convenient 96-gallon trash container alleviates multiple trips curbside, and up to six 32-gallon cans or bags help you with all of your home waste needs. The pickup time on your route will vary depending on how your home fits within the days' schedule. For the best service, place your bins and trash bags out by the curb the night before to ensure prompt service from our drivers. 


To learn about our residential garbage collection services or to request additional disposal solutions such as bulk trash disposal or recycling services, please use our service request form. If you have any other questions or are unsure what type of garbage solutions you may need, our team can help recommend the right service at competitive prices.

Residential Recycling

Rumpke makes it easier than ever for you to recycle curbside. Our recycling services are efficient and environmentally friendly. Our company uses the single-stream recycling process, which means that you can drop all your recyclable materials into the same container. 


From glass bottles to aluminum soda cans, our team will sort the items at our recycling facility so you don't have to! To add recycling services to your plan or learn more about the process, call our office or use our service request form to start recycling today. 

Commercial Garbage Pickup

As central Kentucky's leader in waste management, Rumpke has a long history of helping local business owners maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Our efficient and dependable commercial trash services are perfect for any sized commercial business.


We know that there's not a one-size-fits-all solution for your business. Depending on the scope and size of your company, we offer various solutions for trash service. The Rumpke team will personally provide you with service recommendations and offer competitive prices for your service. To schedule your commercial garbage collection in the Jeffersonville area, please call or use our service request form online.

Commercial Recycling

At Rumpke, recycling is an important part of our business practices, and that is why we offer commercial recycling for local businesses. When running your business day-to-day, you may find that there are many items that are perfect for recycling—from large reams of paper to office recyclables. Having the opportunity to recycle benefits both our environment and the local economy. 


To determine what type of commercial recycling solution you may need, our team will provide an on-site waste audit and facility tour so we can assess your business flow. Adding our single-stream recycling program allows your business to give back to the environment and improve your carbon footprint. If you are unsure what items and materials are recyclable curbside, learn more about what types of materials you can recycle

Roll Off Dumpster Rental 

Either at home or for the Gaslight Festival celebrations, there will be times when our Jeffersonville residents and business owners need more trash capacity than their regular weekly service can handle. Our roll off dumpster rentals are the solution you have been looking for. 


Call our team today to discuss the best dumpster size for your project and set up times for delivery and pickup that will work within your schedule. 

Landfill Services

Our landfill in Jeffersonville is carefully designed, closely monitored, and built to isolate waste from the environment safely. With the ability to provide cost-effective waste disposal options for our customers, we can take many of the large bulk items that you have trouble disposing of. From furniture to unused appliances, we have the resources and the safety procedures in place to dispose of them properly.

Construction Site Waste Management

The complexity of a construction site means that you should have a disposal plan in place before you break ground. Fortunately, Rumpke can help you develop a plan for construction site waste removal. With our waste management solutions, we can help you dispose of construction and demolition waste quickly and efficiently.

Industrial Waste Management

Not all waste is safe to throw away with regular garbage. When you need to dispose of solid waste or hazardous materials such as sludge, contaminated soil, and asbestos, we offer comprehensive industrial waste management. We will dispose of everything according to Kentucky state ecological regulations.

Hydraulics & Machining

We don't just pick up your trash and recycling, we also repair and distribute various hydraulics and machining components. Whether you’re looking for a custom-made or prefabricated solution, we can meet your machine or hydraulic needs. To learn more about our hydraulic & machining products and services, contact us today.