Residential Garbage Pickup Near Lancaster, Kentucky

At Rumpke Waste & Recycling, we are proud to provide reliable residential garbage pickup services for the Lancaster, Kentucky area. We know the residents here and in the surrounding areas of Lexington, Danville, and Berea take pride in keeping their community clean and green.

That’s why we strive to make waste management as stress-free as possible so that local homeowners can focus on living the good life; enjoying dinner at Leo’s Italian Restaurant and Bar or taking in the views at the Tom Dorman Nature Preserve. 

Residential Garbage Services We Offer in Lancaster:

We offer a variety of disposal solutions to Lancaster homeowners. Our services include:

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How does trash pickup service work in Lancaster?

Rumpke offers weekly curbside collection. Trash pickup services in Lancaster are done on a weekly basis. Customers are given a schedule when they request service and we encourage them to put their trash cans and bins out on the curb or the pre-designated spot the night before. 

A weekly pickup usually accommodates six 32-gallon bins or bags, each weighing a maximum of 50lbs. If you’ll have more than that, we ask that you contact us at least 48 hours in advance.

Residential Garbage Services in Lancaster FAQs:

Whether you’re new to the Lancaster, Kentucky area or you’re looking for a new waste management service, you probably have a few questions about what Rumpke has to offer. So we’ve assembled this list of frequently asked questions to help you make your decision.

Do you offer household hazardous waste disposal?

Rumpke does not offer disposal services for household hazardous waste. Proper disposal of these items is important, since they can pose a risk to our crew and the environment when they break down. So we ask that homeowners take care in making sure to properly dispose of hazardous items. 

Some items that are considered hazardous and should not go in your trash include:

It is always recommended that you read the label before throwing something in the garbage. If the item has a flammable or hazardous symbol, it means you should seek out alternative disposal options. 

Does residential garbage pickup include yard waste disposal?

We do not offer separate yard waste collection for our Lancaster location at this time.

Can I get bulk trash removal for moving or renovations?

If you are moving or renovating your home, consider renting a dumpster. An open-top container will be delivered to your home or job site and can then be filled at your leisure with a variety of materials ranging from roofing to furniture. Once you’re done, our team hauls the dumpster away again, which allows you to remove all of your waste in one trip and without any hassle.

Our dumpster rentals start at 15 cubic yards and have weekly and monthly rates. Like our trash collection, rates may vary depending on how long you intend to keep your dumpster. 

If you are considering this service, we suggest you call us or fill out a service request form so that we can help you figure out the best waste collection solution for your project. 

How do I schedule garbage service?

If you are interested in waste collection services in Lancaster, Kentucky, we recommend you call and speak to one of our customer care staff. They will be able to give you a quote based on where you live and give you an idea of the collection schedule for your area. 

What does residential trash collection cost?

The price for garbage collection varies based on your address. We recommend that you call and speak to one of our customer care staff to get the answers relevant to your unique location. 

We do offer multiple ways to pay for our waste collection services, including an online platform called RumpkePay and a partnership with the Walmart Money Center. 

Where do I take large items for disposal?

Large items, such as furniture, can typically be picked up with your weekly trash service. We ask that anyone disposing of a mattress, furniture, or other bulky items please contact our office at least 48 hours before collection so that our crew can be prepared. 

Residents can also take material directly to our transfer station for disposal.

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