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Cindy Dunigan is a Rumpke Regular

You typically find “regulars” at the local diner and the corner coffee shop, but Cindy Dunigan is a regular at Rumpke.


She’s attended multiple tours over the years, and brought countless people to our facilities to learn more about recycling. In doing so, she’s become a friendly face around Rumpke.

Cindy spreads the word about recycling in both her professional and personal circles. When she scheduled a tour last month to bring another group to our Columbus Recycling Facility, we asked if we could write a profile about her. She jumped at the chance to share her passion for being “green” with our network of fans.

This enthusiasm is what makes Cindy such a great advocate for recycling, and part of the reason she’s been able to influence so many people.

When asked how she teaches others about recycling, she responded, “By example. I talk about it all the time and share info with my friends, family and clients.”

Cindy is one of less than a dozen real estate agents in Columbus, Ohio with the National Association of Realtors “GREEN” designation, and has taken initiative to encourage the industry to produce more sustainable homes and help communities reduce consumption and implement sustainable practices.

Outside her career, Cindy exhibits environmental habits in almost everything she does. She goes out of her way to learn about recycling.

Review Rumpke Recycling’s acceptable items.

“I like Rumpke Recycling because it’s easy,” she says. “But I also like to find out where to take things Rumpke can’t take. I see it as a challenge.”

That’s a great outlook, and we’re glad Cindy is finding outlets for the hard to recycle items.  

Cindy reduces her waste from the get-go by being mindful of her use and purchasing habits. To avoid getting plastic bags, she brings reusable bags wherever she goes. She recommends Habitat for Humanity and thrift stores instead of buying new. Purchasing items with less packaging, recycled packaging and recyclable packaging is another useful tip for reducing waste. Doing so supports the recycling industry, and the companies making an effort to manufacture, collect and produce recycled products.

Whether your cause is recycling or other, Cindy has some advice we can all take to heart: “We can make a significant impact on the world around us one person at a time.”

By taking personal initiative and consistently pursuing her passion, Cindy has influenced her friends, family and the local real estate industry. We appreciate and admire her enthusiasm.

Taylor Greely is a corporate communications assistant at Rumpke.

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