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Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Earth Day is April 22.  It’s a chance to reflect on how everyday actions impact the environment. For me, Earth Day is also a welcome reminder that small behaviors make a big difference.

Recycling is one of the easiest things you can do. Whether you have curbside recycling or you use a local recycling drop-off box, here are a few tips to help become a better recycler.

Top 5 Ways You Can Help the Recycling Program: 1. No plastic bags. Recyclables should be placed unbagged in the container. If you use plastic bags to collect or transport recyclables, empty the recyclables at the recycling site and take the bags home to reuse. Or, consider taking plastic bags back to the grocery store for recycling.

2. Plenty of paper. Remember to recycle computer paper, magazines, newspaper and inserts, envelopes with or without windows, postcards and junk mail.

3. Recycle right. Each recycling bin, cart or drop-box is labeled with a list of acceptable and unacceptable items. The long list includes many items found in your home. Recycling the right items helps the program run smoother and keeps costs low.

4. Flatten cardboard. Do you shop online? If so, you probably have a bunch of cardboard boxes, which are great to recycle. Help save space in the container by flattening boxes.

5. Summer parties. Are you hosting a party soon? Memorial Day? Graduation? Fourth of July? Place a recycling container next to each trash can to make it easy for your guests to recycle glass and plastic bottles, along with beer and soda cans.

Rumpke is proud to support recycling throughout the community. Let’s all make the most of the opportunity to recycle more and trash less. Happy Earth Day!

About the Author: Jonathan Kissell is a communications manager at Rumpke.

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