Trash Services & Recycling in Medora, Indiana

Tucked just west of the East Fork of the White River, Medora, Indiana, is a Midwest gem with an abundance of community appeal. Rumpke takes pride in Medora's residences, businesses, and overall infrastructure as much as you do.

When you need help, we’re here to answer questions you have about garbage pickup, recycling programs, and other waste services for your home or business needs. The best thing to do is contact the team for a consultation. We’re committed to helping our neighbors in Medora secure reliable and affordable waste management services.

Services Rumpke Offers in Medora:


  • In 2017, Rumpke expanded its existing Medora Landfill location with the Medora Recycling Center, located at 546 S. County Rd 870 W, Medora, IN 47260.
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Residential Garbage Pickup

When Medora’s clean, we all win! We offer hassle-free and reliable curbside garbage pickup services for homeowners in Jackson County. Are you located outside the area? Not a problem. Check out all of our residential waste services.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you plan for regularly scheduled garbage collection. We can also help schedule pickup of bulky items.

Residential Recycling

Rumpke prides itself on its recycling collection services, and the expanded Medora Recycling Center is just one symbol of our commitment to reducing our impact. Rumpke offers "single stream" recycling, which means residential recyclables can be mixed together on collection day. We'll sort out your recyclables at the facility.

Commercial Garbage Pickup

Rumpke remains committed to helping the businesses in Medora maintain a clean and sanitary environment for their employees and customers. The cleanliness of our community helps it to shine. We know that efficient and dependable commercial waste services are a must for any business, and our team is ready to help yours. Reach out and we’ll provide an on-site waste audit so we can assess your business needs.

Commercial Recycling

When you need a commercial recycling partner with a robust, local, recycling facility, count on Rumpke. Our company can help yours implement a recycling program that makes an impact. Contact us to initiate a commercial recycling audit to help you identify which materials you can and should recycle. After that, we’ll send you containers that are appropriate for the quantity and type of recyclables your business produces.

Landfill Services

If you have an item too large for curbside pickup, you are welcome to bring it directly to the Medora landfill. At Rumpke, our landfills are designed to facilitate cost-effective and efficient waste disposal opportunities for residents and businesses, all while ensuring minimal impact on the surrounding area. We ensure that our landfill in Medora is a safe, compliant, and eco-friendly place to dispose of solid waste.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental 

We’re here to help with your dumpster needs whether you’re managing large amounts of commercial waste or remodeling your kitchen. A dumpster can come in handy for managing waste efficiently, but it can require a coordinated plan.

We offer roll off dumpsters available in a variety of sizes for your commercial or residential disposal needs. Get in touch with our team and we’ll discuss the disposal container size, date for dumpster delivery, and pick-up arrangements that work best for yard waste, junk removal, construction debris, and more. We’ll make recommendations so that it’s easier for you to make your cleanup more efficient.

Portable Restroom Rental

Rumpke offers a range of affordable portable restroom rentals for your next construction project or public event. Whether you’re looking for wheelchair accessible units or portable restrooms with hand washing and sanitation stations, we’ve got you covered. 

We offer competitive rates for all of our portable bathroom rentals, and can serve venues and events throughout southern Indiana.

Construction Site Waste Removal

The team at Rumpke can coordinate with your construction job foreman to develop an efficient and reliable plan for waste removal. When you need a partner you can trust, count on us to get the construction waste clean-up done so you and the crew can focus on completing the project.

Hydraulics & Machining

Rumpke also offers hydraulic and machining services to help keep your business working. If you need repairs, custom-made components, or pre-fabricated parts, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your business.

Industrial Waste Management

To handle industrial waste in Medora, we rely on our experience and partnerships with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM).

We’ll use our years of expertise to dispose of everything legally and responsibly. 

Contact us so we can make disposal recommendations for hazardous waste based on the material for your safety, and the wellbeing of Medora.