Industrial Waste Management Near Medora, Indiana

Rumpke Waste & Recycling is committed to helping manage industrial waste because we know that it's beneficial to our community when it's done well. Rumpke has invested in the wellbeing of the town of Medora and prides itself on how it has supported the Midwest with environmentally friendly services including a state-of-the-art recycling facility. 


We know that our efforts have made a difference in supporting construction projects and home improvement initiatives in Medora. Not all waste can head to the Medora landfill, and for that reason, Rumpke makes every effort to help control industrial waste disposal to ensure a cleaner, greener community. 


You can get in touch with the team in Medora by calling (800) 828-8171. Learn more about all available Rumpke services near Medora.

Industrial Waste Management Services in Medora

For projects involving industrial waste, our team can handle the following materials:


  • Recyclables

  • Contaminated soil

  • Sludge

  • Foundry sand

  • Non-toxic fly ash

  • Non-friable asbestos

Industrial Waste Management in Medora FAQs: 

How do you manage industrial waste?

Rumpke customizes its commercial and industrial waste services to suit your needs. Whether you need to implement a recycling program for packaging disposal, plan a strategy for raw material management, or consider management of hazardous waste, our recommendations will be made to suit.


If you’re looking to improve your company’s waste program, our team would be happy to perform a waste assessment and waste characterization to determine the best options for your facility. Recycling is among the best ways to reduce industrial waste, but we’d be happy to discuss the options with your facility and its ‘Green Team.’ 


Also, consider getting in touch with us if you're incorporating new products into your workflow so we can make suggestions for waste management in line with your processes.

What are the three types of industrial waste?


  1. Solid waste: This is created by nearly all industrial services and includes various scrap materials like paper, plastic, packaging, wood, and metal. Many of these items can be accommodated by recycling services, in which case the Medora recycling center is a sure fit for your facility's waste management needs. The facility processes single-stream recyclables to make it easier for Southern Indiana residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprint.

  2. Chemical waste: This is typically generated by factories and plants, processing centers, and warehouses.

  3. Toxic and Hazardous waste: Understandably, this can take on many forms and has many implications to our community if not handled properly. Whether it’s wastewater, toxic chemicals, or other materials that require special handling, our team can make customized recommendations before any materials end up in the Medora landfill.

Why is it important to manage industrial waste?

Improper handling of materials can cause environmental and public health issues immediately and in the long run. We are still realizing the effects of previous decades of mismanagement and are committed to doing better for the next generation. Contaminated air, water, and soil have a trickle-down effect and need to be managed today for our community's well-being, tomorrow. 


We have partnerships with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) and are committed to making a difference in the town of Medora. 


To prevent negative effects on our region and stand by our environmental protection commitments, we're happy to discuss your needs and make recommendations for handling the type of industrial waste your facility produces. Call our team at (800) 828-8171 or fill out a service request form to discover how we can help you.


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