Trash Services & Recycling in Georgetown, Kentucky

Our home in Georgetown, Kentucky, is full of beautiful tree-lined streets and historic Bluegrass homes. Just a short trip north from Lexington, this Kentucky Treasure is a small town packed with many charming spots. 

From curbside pickup to roll off dumpsters or construction debris removal, Rumpke can handle all your garbage removal needs.  

Contact us to learn more about our affordable pricing and services for waste collection solutions.

Services we offer in Georgetown, Kentucky:

  • Residential garbage pickup

  • Residential recycling services

  • Commercial garbage pickup

  • Commercial recycling services

  • Dumpster rentals

  • Landfill services

  • Portable restroom rental

  • Construction site waste management

  • Industrial waste management

  • Hydraulics and machining



  • Rumpke's Scott County Transfer Station is located at 245 W Yusen Drive, Georgetown, KY 40324.
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We offer various disposal services and recycling options for your home or business. No matter what your cleanup requirements, Rumpke has the best waste services in and around Scott County. 

Residential Garbage Pickup

We make our residential garbage pickup in Georgetown, KY, hassle-free. Offering a convenient 96-gallon trash bin to alleviate multiple trips to the curb and up to six 32-gallon cans or bags, we have all of your garbage removal needs in hand. When you are on our schedule, your trash needs to be out the night before your service, and your pickup time will vary depending on your home location on the day's route. 

Schedule your service or learn all about Rumpke's residential garbage services. If needed, our team will conduct a service recommendation, and once your waste and recycling program is established, you'll receive dependable service at an affordable price.

Residential Recycling

In the greater Georgetown area, Rumpke makes it easier than ever for you to recycle curbside. Our recycling pickup services are both efficient and environmentally friendly. We use the single-stream recycling process, which means that you can drop all your recyclable materials into the same container. 

From aluminum soda cans to cardboard boxes, our team will recycle the items at our sorting facility so you don't have to! If you want to add recycling services to your plan, call our office or use our service request form to start recycling today. 

Commercial Garbage Pickup

As central Kentucky's leaders in the waste management industry, we have a long history of helping our business owners maintain a clean and sanitary environment for employees and customers. Our efficient and dependable commercial trash services are perfect for any sized commercial business.

For your commercial needs, we offer many services depending on the scope and size of your company. To schedule commercial garbage collection in the Georgetown area, please use our service request form online. We know that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. If you are unsure what type of services you need, the Rumpke team will conduct a service recommendation and provide you with your best waste collection options at competitive prices.

Commercial Recycling

At Rumpke, we take the time to make sure that we recycle as much as possible. From your home to your business, recycling benefits both our environment and economy. For commercial recycling, our team will provide an on-site waste audit and facility tour so we can assess your unique recycling needs. 

Adding our single-stream recycling program allows your business to give back to the environment by recycling many materials together in the same bin. If you are unsure what types of materials you can recycle, learn more about what items and materials are recyclable curbside

Roll Off Dumpster Rental 

There will be times when you need more trash capacity than your regular weekly service. From that home remodel to cleaning out the attic, our businesses and homeowners find that our roll off dumpster rental services are the perfect solution for excess waste materials.

An open-top dumpster is the best solution if you believe that you will have additional trash or junk and need to temporarily increase your trash removal requirements. Call our team today to discuss the optimal dumpster size for your project and set up times for delivery and pickup that will work within your schedule. 

Landfill Services

At Rumpke, our landfills are designed to provide cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally aware waste disposal options for our customers. Our landfill is carefully designed, closely monitored, and built to isolate waste from the environment safely. Our landfill can take your large bulk items, furniture, or any unwanted junk you need to dispose of. 

Construction Site Waste Management

Dealing with your construction project waste is the last thing you want to worry about on a job site. Construction sites can often be very complex projects, with a lot of waste disposal needs. Let Rumpke help you develop your plan for construction site waste removal. With our waste management solutions, we help you dispose of construction and demolition waste quickly and efficiently.

Industrial Waste Management

Industrial businesses keep our country running. From keeping our power running to stocking our refrigerators with food, these essential services are vital to keeping our country moving. However, these services also produce waste, and not all of the waste generated is safe to throw away in your regular garbage. 

For solid waste as well as hazardous materials such as contaminated soil, sludge, and non-friable asbestos, we offer comprehensive industrial waste management. When you use Rumpke for your advanced disposal needs, you can feel good knowing that we will dispose of everything properly according to Kentucky state ecological regulations.

Hydraulics & Machining

We don't just handle your trash and recycling; we also offer repair and distribute various hydraulics and machining components. Whether you need a custom-made or prefabricated solution, we can meet your needs. Since we work with several major brand manufacturers, we can find and secure the product to get the job done. To learn more about our hydraulic and machining products or our trash removal services, contact us today.