Recycling Services in Lexington, Kentucky

Committed to recycling in the Lexington area, Rumpke is the first place Lexington residents and business go-to for fast and efficient recycling services. Rumpke's Lexington recycling services are among our many central Kentucky offerings, from commercial recycling to its drop-off recycling locations. 

Rumpke's Lexington recycling center is located at 847 Angliana Ave, Lexington, KY 40508.

To learn more about our recycling offerings in Lexington, contact us today.

Services Rumpke Offers in Lexington:

  • Recycling drop off

  • Commercial recycling

Recycling Drop Off

In the greater Lexington area, Rumpke makes it easier than ever for you to drop off your recyclables. As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable waste management and recycling collection companies in the industry, we know how to dispose of your recyclables in the safest way possible. 

Our recycling services are efficient and environmentally friendly, and we offer you the opportunity to drop your recyclables off during our business hours. We'll take and sort all types of recyclable materials: glass bottles, dry cardboard, aluminum cans, office paper, plastic bottles, and more. 

Our team will recycle the items at our sorting facility so you don't have to. 

Commercial Recycling

At Rumpke, recycling is a vital part of our business, which is why we offer commercial recycling waste collection for our local businesses. The daily toll of running a business can result in a lot of trash, and much of that trash is perfect for recycling. Rumpke is ready to pick up your excess items from electronics recycling to large reams of paper or other mixed materials.

To determine what type of commercial recycling you may need, our team will provide an on-site waste audit and facility tour to assess your business flow. We will provide you with recycling carts and fit your business into a collection services schedule that works for you. 

Our single-stream recycling program allows your business to give back to the environment by recycling many materials together in the same bin. 

If you are unsure what types of materials you can recycle, learn more about what items and materials are recyclable.