Dumpster Rentals in Cincinnati, Ohio

Serving the Greater Cincinnati area, Rumpke Waste & Recycling is your full-service local dumpster rental provider.

Whether you're undertaking a home renovation or clearing out junk from your garage, make removal easy with our dumpster rentals in Cincinnati, OH. Rumpke offers dumpsters of various sizes for rental to haul away your junk or debris.

When it fills up, we'll take care of the rest!

Understanding Dumpster Rental Sizes

The first step in renting a dumpster from Rumpke is figuring out what size dumpster you need.

We offer a variety of dumpster sizes, measured by volume:

●       15 cubic yards

●       20 cubic yards

●       30 cubic yards

●       40 cubic yards

15 cubic yards

Dimensions: 22'6" long x 8' wide x 2'6" tall.

Ideal for: Small garages, small remodeling projects, emptying a storage unit, yard waste

20 cubic yards

Dimensions: 22'6" long x 8' wide x 3'6" tall.

Ideal for: Large garage cleanouts, household junk removal, major landscaping debris

30 cubic yards

Dimensions: 22'6" long x 8' wide x 5' tall.

Ideal for: Major home renovation projects, new homeowners

40 cubic yards

Dimensions: 22'6" long x 8' wide x 7' tall.

Ideal for: Commercial projects, construction projects, job sites

These sizes are what you can expect from most dumpster rental companies.

You'll want to factor in clearance on the front and back for loading and access of your roll-off container, so call it two on-street parking spots. Depending on the size, it's possible to place roll off dumpsters in a driveway.

Learn more about our roll off dumpster features and size specifications.

How big is a cubic yard?

Imagine a square that's 3 feet on each side. For reference, the bed of a standard Ford F-150 is about 2.5 cubic yards.

The width and length of our open top dumpsters are all the same: 8 feet wide by 22 feet 6 inches long. That's about the length of one and a half sedans parallel parked on a street.

The height is where they differ in size.

How Much Does a Dumpster Rental Cost?

Dumpster rental pricing varies based on factors such as rental period, availability, dumpster size, drop-off location, weight and type of waste .

 The best way to find out is to contact our team for a free quote. Our goal is to find you the right dumpster for your needs.

Do I Need a Permit for My Cincinnati Dumpster Rental?

You will need a permit if the dumpster will block any right of way (i.e. parked on a street).

 As a one-stop-shop, we’ll take care of the permitting process upon your rental.

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals in Cincinnati FAQs:

What is a roll-off dumpster?

A roll off dumpster is a rectangular, open-top waste container that rolls off the back of a truck upon delivery (and rolls on when it's picked up). 

What's the difference between a dumpster and a roll off dumpster?

Regular dumpsters, like the ones you'll find behind a shopping center or restaurant, typically have lids, and they come in different shapes and sizes.

Roll off dumpsters are delivered by a specific type of truck, and they're rectangular. They're intended for capturing waste from construction sites, home renovations, or cleaning up junk.

What are the advantages of a roll-off dumpster?

Benefits of renting a roll off dumpster:

●       Let us haul it away: We eliminate trips to the landfill, junkyard or donation site

●       Time: You can focus on your project, not waste removal

●       Convenience: We'll bring the dumpster to you, and take it away when you're done

●       Options: You have sizes to choose from for any waste needs

●       Compliance: Rumpke will handle any necessary permits, which are necessary for many municipalities, and certain types of dumpsters might be required for commercial use

●       Good for the environment: We'll process your waste in a responsible manner

How long can I keep my roll off dumpster rental?

Rumpke offers weekly and monthly dumpster rentals.

What cannot go in a roll off dumpster?

Our list of items to avoid putting in the trash provides a common sense list of items that you shouldn't place in a dumpster, trash can, landfill, or any waste receptacle.

According to federal law, Rumpke is not permitted to accept tires, liquids, batteries, combustible materials or any items identified as hazardous.

Examples of items not accepted: solvents, asbestos, lighter fluid, automotive oil and fluids, pool chemicals, and broken thermometers are just some of the hazardous materials you shouldn't put in a dumpster.

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