Recycling & Resource Center in Columbus, Ohio

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Rumpke Recycling & Resource Center Coming to Columbus, Ohio in 2024

It was February 2022 when Rumpke Waste & Recycling announced plans to build North America’s largest and most technologically advanced recycling center in Columbus, Ohio. The $95 million facility will feature Machinex recycling equipment including 18 optical scanners powered by artificial intelligence along with ballistic separators to sort recycling at a rate of 55 tons per hour. The new facility will process up to 250,000 tons of materials every year from more than 50 Ohio counites.

And after the materials are processed, Rumpke will send them to end users in Ohio, helping to cultivate employment opportunities and new sustainable products to boost our local circular economy.

Architect Moody-Nolan, Builder Elford, Inc. and collaborators such as COSI and The Ohio State University have ensured the project’s early success. The 223,000 square-foot Rumpke Recycling & Resource Center will boast a career center, a research center, and an education center. Upon opening, guests will visit interactive exhibits before touring the recycling plant and leaving with a full understanding of the power of their recycling efforts.

The project would not be successful without the help Rumpke’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee consisting of community leaders and residents from American Addition and the North Central as well as Milo-Grogan communities. With the committee’s insights and input, Rumpke, the recycling leader, is determined to deliver a facility that enhances our community and environment for generations to come.

Construction Highlights

The project has required:

  • 3.8 million pounds of structural steel
  • Nearly 420,000 pounds of rebar
  • Almost 6,000 cubic yards of concrete
  • 68,000 cubic yards of dirt moved
  • About 180,00 square feet of fiberglass insulation made from recycled glass
  • More than 4,200 feet of ADS drainage pipe made from recycled plastic


  • Tour platform complete
  • Furniture selection is underway
  • Office wall framing is occurring
  • Electrical work has started
  • Landscaping will start this week
  • Machinex will begin the equipment install on October 13
  • Truck scale installation will occur in November

Rumpke Recycling & Resource Center Fact Sheet

Rumpke Timeline - Machine X Arrival Milestone Report

Construction Progress Photos

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Drone Fly-Through

Drone Fly-Through September 2023 (Progress)

Address: 1190 Joyce Avenue Columbus, OH 43219
Phone number: (800) 828-8171
Hours of Operation: Opening in 2024