Trash Services & Recycling in Fairfield, Ohio

Rumpke understands the importance of protecting and preserving the environment. That’s why Rumpke offers reliable trash services in Fairfield, Ohio, whether it’s residential or commercial curbside solid waste removal, a roll-off dumpster rental, or a landfill disposal. 

Services we offer in Fairfield, Ohio:

  • Residential garbage pickup

  • Residential recycling services

  • Commercial garbage pickup

  • Commercial recycling services

  • Dumpster rentals

  • Portable restroom rental

  • Construction site waste management

  • Industrial waste management

  • Hydraulics and machining

Rumpke’s services go beyond the weekly trash service: We’re here for you after your big move or for when you’re planning a big event and need portable toilets. All you need to do is call us for a consultation: (800) 828-8171. 

Rumpke operates the following facilities in Fairfield, OH: 

  • Rumpke Hydraulics & Machining: 3963 Kraus Ln, B, Fairfield, OH 45014; Phone: (513) 738-0800 

Residential Garbage Pickup

Providing easy and reliable garbage pickup is a pillar of Rumpke’s mission, which is why we offer weekly curbside trash pickup services for residents in the city of Fairfield. The cost is included in your regular monthly water and sewer bill. Trash must be placed inside your bin and placed at the curb the night before removal. Learn more about specific services from the City of Fairfield.

If you have any large items that need disposal, you can contact us 24-hours in advance to make arrangements for acceptable large items and/or extra trash. Keep in mind that Rumpke is not permitted to accept batteries, tires, liquids, combustible materials or any materials deemed to be hazardous.

Rumpke doesn’t provide yard waste pickups in Fairfield, but residents can mix the organic waste in with their garbage for normal weekly removal. 

To find out your trash pick-up day, consult the Fairfield Trash Pickup Map. While it’s difficult to give you a specific timeframe for pickup, if you set your bin at the curb on the night before, you can rest assured our drivers will collect your garbage on your allocated pickup day.

Residential Recycling

Along with weekly garbage disposal services, Rumpke offers curbside residential recycling in Fairfield. Rumpke has a "Single Stream" recycling program, which means residents can mix their recyclables together to be sorted later at our recycling facilities. 

Items that can be placed in your recycling bin include glass, plastic, aluminum, paper, cardboard, newspapers and more. Recycling bins are provided free of charge when you have trash service; you can learn more at the City of Fairfield’s recycling website

Commercial Garbage Pickup

Commercial garbage pickup is available to all business owners in Fairfield. To request this service, connect with our team today to learn about Rumpke’s competitive rates. 

Our commercial garbage pickup service can be tailored to each unique business in Fairfield: When you work with our team, we’ll provide you with a single point of contact for all your garbage and recycling needs. Rumpke specialists will ensure you have the right containers for your business type to help keep your business clean and looking great.

If you’re unsure what service you’ll need, Rumpke offers waste audits and facility tours so we can advise you on the best waste management plan for your company. Your trash pickup schedule will be determined based on your location, and you’ll need to ensure easy access to your receptacles the day before your scheduled pickup. 

Commercial Recycling

Rumpke is committed to an environmentally healthy Fairfield, and our team will help your business customize a recycling program that works for you. As with our garbage audits, Rumpke offers recycling audits for businesses to help them identify what materials can and should be recycled.

After an audit, our team will help you determine the best method for collecting your recyclables. We have a variety of containers available, and can tailor the container size to what works best for your company. Rumpke can recycle everything from paper and plastic to tires and electronic devices, and the recycling audit will help us make a plan for you.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental 

Big projects at home such as renovations can create a large amount of waste, and Rumpke is here to help you get rid of it all. Our open-top dumpster program allows for residential dumpster rentals to help dispose of everything from drywall to old countertops and even toilets. 

We have a variety of sizes of roll-off dumpsters available: Connect with our team to discuss your needs and we’ll help formulate a plan to manage your waste.

It’s possible you may need a permit to park a dumpster at your home, which is why our team is educated on how to obtain necessary permits for dumpster use. We can even help advise you on safe places to park the dumpster to make the process stress-free.

Portable Restroom Rental

If you’re planning an event in Fairfield, Rumpke can provide portable toilet rentals to make waste management a breeze. There are a range of options available for events, and our specialists can help you determine how many you’ll need and what type are right for your needs.

We offer competitive rates and clean, sanitized restrooms for events of all sizes. Whether it’s a wedding, street festival or a construction site, Rumpke has portable toilets for all types of needs. Learn more about our portable restrooms.

Construction Site Waste Management

Managing construction waste can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Let the Rumpke team take care of the removal of your construction site waste: We’ll work directly with your site foreman to collect site waste on-time so you don’t have to deal with the aftermath. 

We have open-top containers that come in different shapes and sizes, all built with heavy-duty materials that are created to withstand years of hard wear and tear. 

Hydraulics & Machining

Beyond our trash and recycling services, Rumpke in Fairfield also has a hydraulics and machining repair and distribution hub. We can manage your repairs, customized components, and pre-fabricated parts to simplify your work.