Trash Removal Services Near Shiloh, Ohio

Rumpke Waste & Recycling is proud to provide the village of Shiloh and Richland County with garbage collection, recycling, and local waste management needs. You can trust our waste management professionals at Rumpke to handle your trash and recycling.

Services Rumpke Offers in Shiloh:

  • Residential garbage pickup

  • Residential recycling services

  • Commercial garbage pickup

  • Commercial recycling services

  • Dumpster rentals

  • Landfill services

  • Construction site waste management

  • Industrial waste management

  • Hydraulics & machining

Rumpke Operates the following facility in Shiloh, OH: 

  • Noble Road Landfill - 170 Noble Rd E, Shiloh, OH 44878; Phone - (800) 828-8171

Residential Garbage Pickup

Providing a reliable trash collection service is one of our top priorities in Shiloh. We know how important it is to keep neighborhoods clean, which is why we offer resident trash pickup in Shiloh.

Place your garbage at your curbside the night before your scheduled pickup day. (Your collection schedule will be determined based on your address.) We’re happy to help haul large items or extra trash; we just ask that customers call us 24 hours ahead of time so we can prepare. 

Although most household items are OK to throw in your regular trash, remember that Rumpke can’t dispose of household hazardous waste such as batteries, paints, and combustibles.

Residential Recycling

We want to do our part to help the environment, which is why we offer single-stream recycling services for residents in Shiloh. You don’t need to sort out the different recyclables; just throw everything in the recycling bin for collection day and we’ll sort it at our facility. Place material loose in your container, never bagged.

It’s important to know how to recycle right like a pro. Brush up on your knowledge by reading Rumpke’s recycling guidelines.

Commercial Garbage Pickup

Business owners in Shiloh can put their waste management worries aside: Rumpke offers comprehensive commercial garbage pickup for companies in Shiloh.

We know it can feel daunting to come up with a waste management plan, which is why we’re here to make it easy for you. When you call to set up your service, we’ll conduct a waste audit and facility tour so we know what size receptacle would work best for your business.

Our waste management plans can be tailored for your business at a competitive rate: Call today to schedule a consultation and get commercial trash pickup started with Rumpke: (800) 828-8171.

Commercial Recycling

We want to make it easy for you to set up a recycling plan that works for your business, which is why we offer recycling audits and tailored plans for businesses. Once we know your recycling needs, we can recommend the right size receptacle for your business and establish a pickup schedule. 

Our commercial recycling is single-stream, meaning your team doesn’t have to worry about sorting. Leave that part to us, which we do at our facility before processing.

Roll Off Dumpster Rental 

It’s not uncommon to have a trash load that won’t work for your garbage bin. For example, if you’re in the middle of a big renovation at home, you’ll need something far more robust than your weekly household trash bin. That’s where open-top dumpster rentals come in.

Rumpke offers dumpster rentals in Shiloh of various sizes for both residents and business owners. We’ll make junk removal a much easier process with our open-top containers. Just fill it up and we’ll take care of the rest.

Be sure to call us so we can help determine what size bin you need and whether you’ll need a city permit to have it parked at your house or place of business. 

Landfill Services

Rumpke Waste & Recycling has been in business since 1932. Environmental compliance and landfill management is what we do best. Rumpke has owned and operated Noble Road Landfill since August 2009. Shiloh residents can dispose of unwanted items at Noble Road Landfill five days a week.

Construction Site Waste Management

The last thing you want at a job site is excess trash laying around. Rumpke can help keep your construction site clean with our heavy-duty open-top dumpsters. Our construction site waste management options are a godsend for job foremen, who want to keep construction humming along without solid waste getting in the way.

Industrial Waste Management

Industrial waste disposal can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Don’t let hazardous waste become a burden to your business or worksite. Call Rumpke to help dispose of contaminated soils, sludge, and non-friable asbestos. We’ll properly remove industrial waste in Shiloh to keep the city free of hazardous materials. 

Hydraulics & Machining

Rumpke is famous for our waste management, but we also offer hydraulics and machining repair and distribution in Shiloh. Call us to find out how we can help with getting pre-fabricated parts or customized components.