Tire Recycling

Can old tires be recycled?

Yes! In fact you might say that Rumpke has mastered tire recycling. Annually, Rumpke partners with many communities and businesses in its local service areas to collect and recycle millions of used and unwanted tires. 

Federal law restricts the disposal of scrap tires in landfills, but recycling companies and product manufacturers have been creative in finding ways to recycle and repurpose old tires once they can no longer be used on vehicles. 

How do you recycle tires?

Tire recycling starts with the removal of steel wires and the breakdown of the material rubber. The crushed rubber needs to be cleaned and sorted to screen out any unwanted materials. It is then packaged and resold to manufacturers who incorporate rubber aggregate into new products.

From tire-derived fuel to playground turf and rubber asphalt, there are countless ways that communities focused on reuse can make the most of the millions of tires discarded every year.

If you have old tires that can no longer be used on a vehicle taking up space around your home and garage, contact Rumpke to learn more about disposal services and options.

Environmental benefits of recycling tires

Rumpke always strives to protect the environment and human health. By adopting tire recycling at a local and regional level, we can:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Eliminate homes and breeding places for mosquitos, rodents, ticks and other animals that spread disease.
  • Reduce chances of tire fires.
  • Create new products and continue to promote economic development. Tire-derived aggregate is used for flooring, railroad ties, playground turf, and more. It can even be used in landscaping as rubber mulch or to create embankments.
  • Recycle more steel and nylon, both of which are used in manufacturing tires.

Tire manufacturers around the world are engineering durable tires out of recyclable material such as plastic bottles. While the process continues to improve, it’s important to recycle as much old tire rubber as possible.

Types of tires that can be recycled

All rubber tires from vehicles can be recycled, including:

  • Car tires
  • Truck tires
  • Tractor tires
  • Bicycle tires

Recycling tires with Rumpke

Rumpke works to make recycling easy for businesses and homeowners. The tire recycling process consists of a few steps to prepare the tires for their next phase in life.

Tire collection or dropoff

Contact Rumpke at least 48 hours before your regularly scheduled collection to confirm details of your tire disposal. The team can help confirm if the truck will be able to accommodate the pickup (tires take up a lot of space, so it’s always best to confirm in advance). Customers may be asked to transport the tires directly to the recycling center, if necessary. 

Many customers also appreciate accessibility, so we also offer Haul-it-Away services and can provide a dumpster to retrieve a large volume of old tires.

Remove wires and fibers

Tires are constructed with steel, nylon, and other fibers to add resilience. Sometimes, old tires also have rims attached. These materials need to be removed before a tire is shredded and repurposed, but the steel and other fibers can be recycled to produce other items, too! 

Whole tire processing

The tire is then cut into small pieces and treated further to break down. Machines can be used to grind tires into pieces of any size, but some recycling facilities freeze the recycled tire pieces with liquid nitrogen which also makes it easier for them to be milled into smaller pieces.

Screening and cleaning

Once the recycled rubber is broken into small pieces, all materials are sifted and screened using magnets. Air classifiers can also be used to screen and sort material by size.

Let Rumpke take care of your recycling needs

Rumpke has made significant investments in recycling technology. With over 90 years of experience and state-of-the-art processes for solid waste and recycling, we know what it takes to create cleaner and greener communities.

Choosing Rumpke to provide tire recycling and disposal services means you’ll get much more than just one service. No other provider in the area offers as many value-added services as we do. We’re equipped to handle regular waste management and much more including dumpsters, yard waste, battery disposal, electronics, and more. 

If you need a partner in commercial recycling services for your business, know that we offer a full range of options to meet your needs including commercial dumpsters. We also offer commercial trash pickup,

If you want to learn more about what we can do for you or if you’re ready to request service, get in touch with us today using our service request form.