Make Your Recycling Count


5 Tips to Make Your Recycling Count

1. Put items in your recycling container loose!
No plastic bags. Don’t place material inside plastic bags. Don't place empty plastic bags in your recycling. Plastic bags aren’t accepted in our recycling programs, but you can take them back to many area grocery/retail stores.

2. Avoid “tanglers”
Items like clothing, bed sheets, garden hoses, chains, ropes, dog leashes and Christmas lights should not be placed in your recycling. These “tanglers” wrap around the automated sorting equipment and cause damage.

3. Look at our
list, not the label. 
Virtually everything has a recycling symbol; however, that doesn’t mean an item can be recycled everywhere. An item’s recyclability is determined by many factors.

4. When it comes to plastic, examine the shape of the container, not the number.
Currently, Rumpke can only accept plastic bottles and jugs, which are containers that have a top smaller than the bottom and often have a screw on lid.

5. Cans CAN be recycled.
When it comes to metal and aluminum, only put the cans in your recycling container. While other types of metal can be recycled, you should take those non-can items directly to a specialized metal recycler.

When in doubt – Ask us!
We’re here to help. Send us your recycling questions:  via Facebook, Twitter, email or phone.

Even expert recyclers have questions about recycling the right way. Rumpke, your recycling leader, wants to help.

It’s important to only recycle items accepted in Rumpke’s program. Putting the wrong material into your recycling bin can cause big problems. Some items damage machines at the processing center, others pose hazards to employees or even prevent us from recycling other material. 

Rumpke wants to make sure your recycling efforts count. In other words, we want to make sure your time and efforts ensure the intended result -- positive environmental benefits for generations to come.